Myers moves one step closer to his dream

Brian Myers was recently hand-selected from thousands of applicants to receive a tryout for a WWE developmental contract. Myers, as well as his best friend and tag team partner Matt Cardona, went to Nassau Coliseum last week with dreams of becoming a WWE Superstar. After an impressive performance, they were offered developmental contracts, and they're now one step closer to achieving their dreams. recently caught up with Myers and got his thoughts on the tryout, his new contract and much more. How did the tryout go?
Brian Myers: I had applied with my best friend, Matt Cardona, who also received a developmental contract. We had been tagging for almost exactly a year. We applied for the tryout and were told to show up at Nassau Coliseum, which was really cool because I've been to so many shows there as a kid growing up. We changed into our wrestling gear and met everyone at the arena. We were split up into groups based on our experience levels. The experienced guys got to actually have matches. There were only five of us in the experienced group, and I got lucky and was able to have two matches since the numbers were uneven. We also did some cardio, and Dean Malenko talked to us about the commitment involved and how you have to truly love what you're doing and have passion, which Matt and myself definitely have. What kind of feedback did you receive?
Brian Myers: They basically said they'd be in touch with us. They said that since I was only 20 years old, I should work on my build as much as I can and bulk up and that I was on the right path. What was it like when you received the news that you received a developmental contract?
Brian Myers: I heard from Tommy Dreamer yesterday at 3 p.m. I was actually cooking. I go to college in Massachusetts. I was separating egg whites and my hands were dirty and didn't get to the phone. But luckily he called back pretty soon after, so I talked to him then and he told me the news. It's amazing. I still don't believe it. It's something I've thought about and dreamt about for so long. Since the age of 5, when I first saw wrestling, I knew that this was it for me. I knew this was what I loved and this is what I was going to be a part of. It's just surreal. When I got off the phone I called Matt, and Tommy had just talked to him, too, so that was a relief that he was going to get a contract too. Then I called my parents, and my mom was hysterically crying. Where do you go from here?
Brian Myers: Since I'm in college, Tommy insisted that I finish the semester at hand. So, from then, when school ends in late April or early May, Matt and I are going to move to Atlanta (to Deep South), and it will be more hard work from there. How do you think you distinguished yourself from the others?
Brian Myers: I think I have an understanding of the business and that comes across. I'm very passionate, and you could tell who wanted it more there. I didn't even think I had a stellar tryout. I'm a perfectionist and am never really satisfied. The things that I mess up bother me more than I am happy with the things I do right. I thought I could have showed them more, but luckily they saw the potential in me. Describe your professional wrestling background.
Brian Myers: I was a three sport athlete in high school. I was a captain in football and wrestling and also played baseball. I was all-conference in football and wrestling, and I knew wrestling was for me. Once I graduated high school I looked for a school and found one in Long Island. The school is taught by (one-time ECW Champion) Mikey Whipwreck. He's amazing. I've been blessed to have him as a mentor. He's really helped me in all aspects of the business. It was actually at the school where I met Matt for the first time. Immediately we could tell that we were so similar in so many ways. And the first day we didn't even like each other. I think we were intimidated by each other because we were so similar. But it worked out. People saw that in us as well and said we should tag up, and we did and became best friends. Now I talk to him 10 times a day. What made you want to pursue a career in sports entertainment?
Brian Myers: My brother rented WrestleMania VI -- Hogan vs. Warrior. It was just so magical that I was hooked right from there. I knew right then that was something I wanted to do. Are there any WWE Superstars that you pattern yourself after or that inspired you?
Brian Myers: Without a doubt, my absolute favorite wrestler was Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig. Ever since I was a little kid, he just captivated me. I wanted to be just like him. I truly believed in every sense that he was perfect. Actually, as you called, I was a watching one of his matches. How would you describe your style?
Brian Myers: I tried to be as charismatic as possible. I like mat work, but try to be as well-rounded as possible so that I can go out there with anyone and have any kind of match. I just try to be versatile. What are your goals now that you have a developmental contract?
Brian Myers: I just want to keep working as hard as I can. It will only get tougher from here. The opportunity is there, and I have to seize it.

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