iTunes and WWE team up again

iTunes and WWE team up again

For years, iTunes has been the place to get your favorite WWE entrance themes online. Now, WWE is proud to announce that iTunes is the ONLY place for you to get the latest release from WWE Music.

WWE The Music: Vol. 7 is available now, and is the eighth WWE album available at the online music retailer. The latest volume contains 21 of your favorite entrance themes representing all genres of music. From Playboy cover girl Ashley's new rockin' theme "Light a Fire" to Cryme Tyme's hip-hop anthem "Bringin' Da Hood T U" to Deuce & Domino's doo-wop ditty "I'm All About Cool," WWE The Music: Volume 7 has something that every WWE fan can get down with.

16 tracks are available individually for $.99 each, but if you purchase the full album for $9.99, you get five bonus tracks that aren't available on their own; so if you want the tunes that make Bobby Lashley "Unstoppable," Marcus Cor Von "Smooth" and Ron Simmons say "D*mn," the full album is the only place to find them.

WWE The Music: Volume 7 is not available anywhere else online or in stores, so head on over to iTunes now and hook up your digital library with more WWE goodness. Check it out now.

Also, don't forget to check out the classic themes available on iTunes, including songs for The Rock, Chris Jericho, Dude Love, Goldust and much more. Check it out now.

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