Superstars' hearts with Mom on her day

Superstars' hearts with Mom on her day

With a grueling travel schedule and performing at more than 200 live events each year, the life of a WWE Superstar can be hectic. In addition, squeezing in family commitments and face time around the holidays can be tight.

But the tight connection between a Superstar and their No. 1 fan — their mother — is something that takes precedence every year for one Sunday in May. 

Mother's Day (May 13 this year) is the third-largest gift-giving holiday behind Valentine's Day and Christmas. With SmackDown on the road in White Plains, N.Y., and Raw Superstars traveling to Hampton, Va., for a show on Monday, creating a great Mother's Day for mom while away takes a little creativity, ingenuity and advance planning. 

Honoring the woman that was their chauffer, nutritionist, cheerleader and sports psychologist while growing up is a top priority. caught up with some Superstars at recent events, and asked them about their unique plans for celebrating the holiday with their mothers:


Mother's Day to me means absolutely nothing. Ok, truth be told, [the day] doesn't hold much substance to me, because I'm a firm believer that every day, in fact, is Mother's Day. So I don't wait on a day that is observed by millions as Mother's Day, because I honor my mother every day that I live.

I'm Elijah … Let's face it; I'm a cut above the rest. … On Mother's Day, I'm going to do something special for her. Something I always do. Show her love.


Mother's Day is very important to [me], because I have a great mom, who just got over breast cancer. She deserves a lot because she's helped me out so much.


Usually I give my mom a phone call … send her a card and some flowers. Maybe a few signed pictures -- not for her, she likes to give them out to her friends.


Usually I'll send my mom a dozen peach carnations, because those are her favorite. I also take care of my sister, because she's a mom, so I send her flowers, too.  I usually let my mom pick whatever she wants [for a gift], but I like to send a surprise gift as well. This year, now that I have a better job, I might send her a diamond bracelet.  


My family owns a pool, and every year, my mom opens the pool [herself]. But this year, I'm hiring someone to open the pool for my mother, so I think that would be something special for her. 

And, for my special someone, I'm sending his mom flowers and my boyfriend's friend's mom flowers as well. So I have three moms to take care of this year, but they are all great moms.


I'm all for putting mothers over, I really am. But my matriarch, Millicent Striker, has painstakingly contributed to what I am this day, and this is all the truth. 

She encouraged exercise. She encouraged reading. And my mother is what is called a "vegan." No, she's not from another planet. She just likes to eat vegetables and organic food, and she would feed me the natural organic foods, and promised that it would help me to grow up strong. However, I was alienated at the lunch table while other children around me were eating salami sandwiches or double-stuff Oreo cookies. I, on the other hand, would have a piece of celery with peanut butter and raisins on it, which my mother called "bumps on a log," which I enjoyed very much. I could even give you the recipe perhaps. 

With my mother, I make sure to tell her everyday what she means to me. She has contributed to my outlook on life. She's contributed to my positive mental attitude. And honestly, she once told me, "Matthew, even if you weren't my son, I would still like you." It's very important to like the people we're forced to love. I love my mother, but I also like her very much. 

And besides that, I have her eyes, which helps me with the ladies. 


Obviously, I'll be taking care of my mom, but will be on the road that day -- so I can't really do anything that special. Maybe flowers or a trip to the spa.


Usually I make a long-distance overseas call to my mom. She is always happy to take the call and passes the phone around. I got my parents a computer last year, so this is the first time we're trying to talk online with a webcam. 

Maybe this year I'll send her some flowers because it's a little extra special. I know I can call the local florist in our town and have something delivered. When I was growing up, I was a little bit of a momma's boy, so come Mother's Day, I was always trying to do something special.


On Mother's Day one year (May 14), in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., I broke my back on a pay-per-view. So that wasn't a good Mother's Day for me, wrestling Lance Storm at Hardcore Heaven. 
Do I do anything special? I try to get all the mothers in my life flowers, or try to get everyone together and have a nice day for everybody. You only have one mother. No matter if you love her or hate her, you only have one mother.


I'm going to be traveling to Raw on Mother's Day. My mom lives in Idaho and I will be definitely sending her a box of goodies to open -- lots of pampering gifts for my mother that only a woman would like.

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