The media-loving Johnny Nitro forgave his ex-tag team partner Joey Mercury and, like The Hardys, decided to reunite MNM. Why? In order to accept Jeff and Matt's open challenge issued at the December to Dismember press conference.
The ECW pay-per-view, live from the James Brown Arena in Augusta, Ga., next Sunday, will be the first time Nitro and Mercury have teamed together since Judgment Day in May when they lost their WWE Tag Team Championship. Still, Nitro believes the chemistry MNM had is still alive and well.
"Every family has differences," said a smiling Nitro. "Brothers fight; we fight hard, but that's no big deal to us."
The wounds from the past have been patched and healed, which has given Mercury a new zest. And with the daunting challenge of taking on the dynamic Hardys, MNM will need all the zest they can get.
"MNM is back for one night only, and the most prolific, young tag team in WWE history will rise again," said Mercury. "The future is now and the future is looking bright."
Nitro added, "Mercury and I are there for each other, and when MNM comes back at December to Dismember we're coming to dismember The Hardys. We're going to deck the halls with guts of Hardys, fa--la--la--la--la... b--tch."
On ECW on Sci Fi, and at Survivor Series, The Hardys have proven that they haven't lost a step in their hiatus. At December to Dismember will MNM live up to their words and do the same?

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