No fear for The Miz

SmackDown’s own Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is quite the reality show veteran. This week, the former Real World star added another one to his resume as NBC aired the first installment of a three-part “Reality Stars” edition of the hit show Fear Factor. Teams of two from shows such as Real World, American Idol and Survivor took part, and The Miz was paired with former MTV bombshell Trishelle Cannatella.

Despite the fact that all the contestants had the common reality bond, The Miz told in an exclusive interview that there was a bit of a culture shock bringing them all together. “If you’re around a bunch of Real Worlders all we talk about is alcohol and who we’ve banged,” he said, “but if you’re around the Apprentice people all they talk about is real estate and who has more money. It’s kind of a different conversation.”

Shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race are more physical than the others, but The Miz also has some experience in the grueling Road Rules/Real World Challenge series. So how did he think the competition stacked up?

“Unless we were doing karaoke I didn’t think the American Idol people were going to do well,” he laughed. Unfortunately for The Miz, the Idols proved him wrong in the very first stunt by winning a demolition derby.

On a show known for making its contestants do stunts ranging from disgusting to death-defying, The Miz encountered all kinds of craziness. “We had to deal with a bunch of crazy stuff; tarantulas, heights, a demolition derby, you name it,” he recalled. “Also, we had to deal a lot with exhaustion; some of the stunts left us exhausted and we weren’t sure we could go on.”

So what was the worst stunt? “Well, (in the first episode) we had to deal with an alligator, going in and grabbing a skull from it,” Miz said, “but luckily I didn’t have to do that!”

In fact, Miz said that Trishelle really got the short end of the stick in terms of stunts. “They made the girls do a lot of the hard stuff and the gross stuff, like dealing with the bugs and such,” he laughed. “The guys got to do the more physically demanding stuff, which wasn’t that bad…for me, at least.”

In the past, Miz has been romantically linked with his teammate…so did anything crazy happen while they were together? “We dated about two years ago, but we realized that we weren’t very good together so I knew nothing would happen emotionally,” Miz revealed. “I was actually nervous having her as a partner, but luckily she was really cool and took everything like a champ. We were one unit and neither of us carried the other.”

Fellow contestant Jon Dalton (a.k.a. “Jonny Fairplay” from Survivor) is known as a big WWE fan. So how was his interaction with one of SmackDown’s newest Superstars? “He and I are cool; we’re friends so it was all good,” Miz said, “but I don’t think he came close to doing anything as well as me.”

Overall, The Miz had a blast and would do it again. “Absolutely I’d do it again, it was so much fun,” he said. “I got to do awesome challenges; you can’t beat stuff like that. I got to do cool stuff that people wish they could do; you can’t beat opportunities like that.”

And while he can’t give anything away, The Miz did offer a statement on how well he did. “This is The Miz you’re talking to. You can take an educated guess as to who did really well and who didn’t.”

To steal a line from Fear Factor host Joe Rogan, be sure to tune in Tuesday nights at 8/7 CT on NBC to see if fear truly wasn’t a factor for The Miz.

Watch a clip of The Miz performing a stunt on Fear Factor

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