Sour with the power couple

After losing her coveted Women’s Championship to Lita more than one week ago on RAW, former champion Mickie James is focused on getting even and becoming a two-time Women’s Champion.

After winning the Women’s Championship from Trish Stratus in April at WrestleMania 22, Mickie successfully defended the gold against all comers. Their encounter on Aug. 14 was the first meeting between Mickie and Lita and was also Mickie’s last night as champion.

According to the disturbed Diva, Mickie is less than impressed with the underhanded tactics Lita and Edge employed to become WWE’s dual gold power couple.

“I’m pretty upset about losing the Women’s Championship and I don’t think it was very nice how I lost it,” said a livid Mickie. “I think if I was to lose the championship, I would like to lose it in a respectable manner, such as when I won it.”

At the close of Mickie's match with Lita, Edge distracted the referee as Lita grabbed the championship and smashed it iinto her opponent’s skull to become a three-time Women’s Champion. The former champion said that since Lita cannot wrestle with respect and dignity, she cannot be considered a true champion.

“I think [Edge and Lita] are bad champions,” Mickie explained. “You’re not a true champion if you have to continuously cheat to keep your championship. I’m not a cheater and I would never do that.”

Though the Rated R pair now bears the top championship gold, Mickie said she intends on reclaiming the Women’s Championship sooner than later.

“I don’t get mad…I get even,” Mickie said with a curious grin. “I will get even. I will get my title back,” she added with a sudden twist of intensity.

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