Michelle McCool update

After spending two weeks laid up in the hospital due to an enlarged kidney, SmackDown Diva Michelle McCool has been discharged and is recovering at home.

Being forced to spend the holidays cooped up in the confines of fluorescent lights and monitored visiting hours has McCool thankful that her hospitalization is over.
“I’m home now,” she said. “But two-weeks in a hospital is enough to drive anyone insane. [Thanksgiving dinner] certainly wasn’t the same; it was nothing compared to good old family cooking.”
The affects of the enlarged kidney caused her to have an electrolyte imbalance, a potentially deadly condition if not treated.
“I’d been performing in pain during our overseas trip; that’s when [my back] became an issue. I just couldn’t ignore it any longer,” she said.
Upon returning to the states from WWE’s European tour, she admitted herself for treatment.  Tests soon revealed that along with her enlarged kidney, she also had a broken sternum. The combination of the two injuries caused paralyzing pain.
“Fortunately, the shooting pain in my back masked the pain of my broken sternum,” McCool said.
Although she’s now in the comforts of her own home, McCool said there’s nothing comfortable about her status.
“I’m still recovering; I’ve lost a lot of strength and still have trouble sleeping, laughing or even talking.”
Fortunately for her, co-workers and WWE fans have been there to support her during her time of need.
“The people I work with have kept my spirits high,” she said. “Their cards, balloons and voicemails are more than I could ever ask for. WWE fans’ emails and cards have also been very helpful.”
There is no date set for when McCool will be back in action. With the recovery process calling for rest and relaxation, it’s impossible to pinpoint when she’ll be able to rejoin the SmackDown roster. 

“I can’t predict a date, but I can’t wait to get back; I’ll be okay once I’m back at WWE.”


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