McMahon family united

For the first time in recent memory, the McMahon family stood united inside a WWE ring after Linda delivered a swift kick to Jim Ross' groin. With the newly-fired J.R. doubled over in pain, the McMahons hugged and celebrated, signifying that they are all on the same page - something that has been quite rare in recent years. caught up with Linda McMahon to get her reactions on Monday's happenings. J.R. did apologize to you, why did you fire him anyways?
Linda McMahon: There comes a time in a person’s life when they have to make a decision. They have to choose sides, and I have finally chosen my family. My family has always been first with me, and always will be. It’s not a perfect family. I’m well aware of the flaws in my husband’s character. I’m aware that our family is not the normal, average, American family, but it is my family. And I’m the matriarch of this family. And anyone who’s against my family, such as Jim Ross, or anyone else, is against me. That’s why I made the decision to do what I did on RAW. As much as I have respected Mr. Ross over the years, Mr. Ross disrespected my family. Does this mean the McMahon family will have a more visible presence in WWE from this point forward?
Linda McMahon: I can’t speak for my entire family as to what their desires are, but I can speak for myself, and I’ve waited far too long in the wings and allowed certain things to occur that I do not approve of. It’s time that I step forward and show the world the kind of business person that I can be. Last night was only the beginning. What can we expect next?
Linda McMahon: I intend to be far more assertive in my views, and believe me, I am all business. And in business, one must be, as my husband as said many times, ruthless. You must be goal-oriented, and achieve your goals at any cost. That is the essence of the capitalistic society in which we live. Was there anything that J.R. could have done to save his job last night?
Linda McMahon: He could have apologized sincerely to my husband and to my daughter. It doesn’t matter that he apologized for me being Stunned. He didn’t apologize to my family. I’m sad to say, but J.R. got what was coming to him. And there’s more J.R.’s in my future. I will not sit idly by any longer. I will take a much more active role in what goes down in WWE. Will you ask for an apology from Stone Cold Steve Austin as well?
Linda McMahon: I’m going to allow my husband to handle Stone Cold Steve Austin. Why didn’t Vince fire Stone Cold?
Linda McMahon: Vince has a plan. Vince asked me not to fire Stone Cold Steve Austin because he has a plan for Stone Cold. Vince said last night that he would never forget or forgive Stone Cold for what he did. There is never a reason for a man to put his hands on another woman. From what I understand Austin has a history of doing this. But I will let my husband personally handle Stone Cold Steve Austin, and I’m sure he will when he chooses the right forum. Can we expect any more firings over this incident or are the firings over?
Linda McMahon: I think the storm is just beginning to brew. Stay tuned.

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