Muscle & Fitness features Mr. McMahon cover story

What's a 60 year old doing on the cover of the April issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine? This isn't any ordinary 60 year old. This is Mr. McMahon, who's training harder and looking fitter than most men half his age. And all this isn't just because Mr. McMahon has ordered a match against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 22; the WWE Chairman, who clearly has a body to match his ego, has been doing this for years and doesn't understand those who lack his intensity and drive.

"Everything's better when you're in shape," says Mr. McMahon in the Muscle & Fitness cover story. "Food tastes better. Sex is better. Even breathing is easier."

The Mr. McMahon issue of Muscle & Fitness is on newsstands now. Be sure to pick up your copy to get this rare look at the WWE Chairman.

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