McCool recovering

After nearly a month of battling an illness that stemmed from an enlarged kidney and a fractured sternum, SmackDown Diva Michelle McCool is slowly starting to feel like herself again. 

"I'm off medication and starting to do more activities every day," said an upbeat McCool. "The doctors have increased my fluid intake, which was at one point restricted, and I'm going to have checkups from here on out. I'm going to walk a few miles today and see how that feels."

Getting back to doing normal, everyday activities isn't something McCool is taking for granted either.

"I'm not able to do any weight training or anything like that, but I am able to drive again. It's good for me, but maybe not for the other drivers on the road," she joked.   

After visiting a specialist on Wednesday, McCool was informed her blood pressure was still low. She said the specialist attributed the low blood pressure to the muscle loss she suffered during her two week hospital stay. Still, she's feeling better with each passing day, and chalks the mystery surrounding her sickness to an unlucky coincidence. 

"I guess the fact that they can't pinpoint the exact diagnosis is just one of those freak medical things; [doctors] are still looking into why it happened, but I'm recovering and hopefully it won't happen again." 

When last spoke to McCool, she had just been released from the hospital. She had lost a significant amount of weight and muscle mass, forcing her to spend the Thanksgiving holiday hospitalized.

Upon being discharged, her doctor ordered rest and relaxation. While doctors have yet to determine the reasoning behind her illness, their orders have helped McCool thus far.

"I'm getting better, but the speed of my recovery depends on my body. I'm [mentally] ready to come back," she explained.

While it's evident that McCool is mentally prepared to return to action, she'll have to let her body catch up with her mind, something she finds difficult to do.

"I'm not a patient person and sitting around the house waiting to get back to WWE does me no good."

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