Matt Hardy posts comments on his Web site

Following the events that occurred Monday night on RAW involving Matt Hardy, Lita and Edge, Hardy has posted the following comments on his own personal Web site:

"If you guys are ready for a ride, jump the f*** on. Well, I promised you all fireworks, so I hope I didn't disappoint. As of July 11th, 2005, my personal Independence Day, the Movement has begun-- and the Movement's purpose is two-fold. Purpose one--To never let anyone control what Matt Hardy says and does and thinks. Purpose two--To make Adam Copeland, Amy Dumas, and the WWE regret what they did to me, what they did to us. It's time for Matt Hardy to stand up for all the MFer's that have been chanting 'We Want Matt', and 'You Screwed Matt.'"

Click here to watch Lita respond on Byte This!

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