Maryse goes home

Just as the Diva Search theme song by the All-American Rejects goes, every week on RAW, another finalist has to “move along.” Unfortunately for the Canadian bombshell, Maryse Ouellet found out on RAW that she didn’t receive enough votes to continue in the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search.

Despite just being eliminated, and having her dreams shattered, Maryse held her head high with pride when she spoke with in an exclusive interview.

“I feel really, really sad,” she said. “It was my dream. I had an amazing, amazing time. I thought this would be great for me. I expected [I would do better in the voting].”

Even though she won’t win this year’s Diva Search, Maryse isn’t giving up her dream of becoming a WWE Diva.

“I will train to do this again,” she said. “Everyone is proud of me in Canada.”

Looking back on the crazy ride, Maryse had nothing but good things to say about the Diva Search.

“The competition was really, really hard, but the girls are great,” she said. “I want to thank everyone who sent me e-mails. I really appreciated the support.”

The remaining finalists will now move on to Friday Night SmackDown where they will compete in Diva Search Musical Chairs. Who will prevail, and more importantly, how will it affect the vote? You can take matters into your own hands, though, by voting for your favorite contestant.

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