Manchester is ready to rumble

Loyal WWE fans were at the Manchester Evening News Arena early to witness the Raw invasion. Clutching signs and dressed up in their favorite WWE apparel, the joyous crowd did not let the chilly conditions dampen their spirits.

"I came here to catch a glimpse of the wrestlers and hopefully get some of their autographs and just enjoy the WWE experience with the other fans," said Kei O'Meara. O'Meara and a friend traveled all the way from Cork, Ireland to see the show. "We figured we'd make a weekend of it. We've been planning it since the tickets came on sale in May."

Equally as excited were Karen Hunt and Stacey Doughty who came to the show with their extended families. It was Karen's first time at a live WWE show.

"At six o'clock this morning they [Hunt and Doughty] were waking up the house, ‘Are we going yet, are we going yet?'" laughed family friend Graeme Smith.

Having traveled nearly 200 miles, Phil Hoskins was excited to have seen some of the Extremists.

"It was good to see Joey Styles," recounted Hoskins. "It was good to see Sabu walking around Manchester. I'm still waiting for a paper report that he's trashed the Hard Rock Café or something like that."

But some fans have even loftier goals than meeting the Superstars.
"I like wrestling because I want to be a wrestler," said a young man named Salvadore who came all the way from Italy to see the show. "I go to the gym everyday and I hope I'll be a wrestler, maybe with WWE!"

Since there is a limited number of international shows, everyone expressed excitement that WWE had come to Manchester. O'Meara summed it up best.

"I'm glad WWE has come to England. This is the second time I've seen them over in the UK this year. I come ever time. It's just great."


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