Matt's Mailbag for 8/29

Since his arrival in World Wrestling Entertainment, Matt Hardy's daredevil antics and never say die attitude have made him one of the most popular Superstars of all time. WWE Fans have supported Matt through thick and thin. Through the emotional events in his personal life to his amazing triumphs in the ring, the fans and Matt Hardy have always stood together. is happy to announce that starting this Tuesday and every week thereafter, Matt will take your questions and answer them in a special feature called Matt's Mailbag. Have a question for Matt? You can send them to him by clicking HERE.

Without further ado... Welcome to Matt's Mailbag. 

I've always wanted to know, what do you keep in the cargo pockets of your wrestling gear?
- Ryan from Fairfield, CT

Actually, there is one thing that I always keep in my cargo pockets while wrestling: my hair tie (if I'm not wearing it, that is). If I am wrestling and my hair is down, you can rest assured that my hair tie is in my pocket. After thinking about it, maybe I should start carrying foreign objects in my pocket and illegally improve my win-loss record.


If you could wrestle anyone on either ECW or RAW, who would it be?
-Eric from Morgantown, W. Va

The person I would love to wrestle most from Raw would be Torrie Wilson, and from ECW, Kelly Kelly. Wow, that question was easy, lol. In all seriousness, the person from Raw I would most like to wrestle would be The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. Shawn is the guy who paved the way for guys like my brother and I. From ECW, I would like to wrestle Sabu just because he is so different and unorthodox. I would love to go "Extreme Rules" with the homicidal, genocidal, suicidal one.


Hey Matt,
Do you have any lingering injuries from your years of high-flying matches?
- Sam from Houston, TX
I actually have several nagging injuries from my high-flying matches and high-impact style. To begin with, my left knee that was reconstructed still nags at me and will never be 100% again. I have several bone chips and ligament and tendon damage in my left arm. I can't fully straighten or bend my left arm because of these aggravating injuries. My right ankle has been sprained and torn and damaged so much that it always needs to be taped and braced for me to wrestle. I've had three broken noses which leads to me sometimes having breathing and sinus problems. My lower back has to be constantly massaged and worked on if I'm wrestling a heavy schedule. It can quickly become tight and painful if I don't take care of it. I'm sure the thousands of legdrops I've done off the ropes haven't done my lower back any favors. 

Dear Matt,
As you know, you're pretty popular with the ladies. What's the best thing a female fan ever gave you?
- Lisa from Pittsburgh, PA

Incredible, pulse-pounding, heart-racing, animalistic sex…just kidding, kinda.  The best gifts I've received include a DVD player, a purchased star that has been officially named after me, and a very expensive watch. One of the best gifts I ever received in a strange way was a vile of blood. It came with instructions to mix with my blood so I could become soul mates with this girl. Yeah right... The best gifts that I get from any female fan though, is their support and love.


Do you have a favorite food you like to eat on the road?
- Tom from Plattsburgh, NY

My favorite road meal is served at the Cracker Barrel. The six-piece grilled chicken tenderloin dinner (honey mustard dipping sauce on the side) with a house salad (ranch on the side), baked apples, and cottage cheese. I like to kick off the festivities with a bowl of chicken tortilla soup. While I'm waiting on my food, I'm usually whipping someone's ass on the "Scrabble" game on my cell phone. 

Dear Matt,
I've been a huge fan for a long time now and I was wondering, would you ever consider cutting your trademark long hair?
-Jen from Knoxville, TN 
Yes. You can't stay the same and look the same forever. I'm positive we will one day see the short-haired Matt Hardy again. What kind of haircut do you guys think would look good on me? A mohawk like the Reject? A caesar like Ken Kennedy? A bald head like Stone Cold? A scruff cut like Gregory Helms? A roundabout like the Hulkster? You guys give me some feedback and I'll take it into consideration...

What's your favorite city in your home state of North Carolina to wrestle in?
- Tim from Greenville, SC

My favorite city in North Carolina to wrestle in would have to be Fayetteville. It's the closest city to my house, and it's where Jeff and I first won the WWE World Tag Team titles, which I hold dear to my heart. Honorable mentions go to Raleigh and Southern Pines. Raleigh is 45 minutes from my house, and was the site of the first-ever TLC Match. Southern Pines, in the National Guard Armory, is where I used to promote the majority of my OMEGA (Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts) independent wrestling shows. There are so many great memories from that location and era that included so many later-to-be WWE superstars. Myself, Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, Gregory Helms, Joey Mercury, and Joey Abs all shared many great moments in the Southern Pines Armory.

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