London Fallen

Cruiserweight Champ relives scary moment from SmackDown!

Paul London knew something was wrong when WWE officials were asking him what year it was and what town he was in.

"They're asking me how many fingers I have up, basic questions like that to see if I'm still there," London told "I guess it looked pretty bad."

London is referring to the end of his six-man tag-team match Thursday night when Juventud attempted a 450 Splash, only to have his knee slam right into London's left eye on the landing.

"It was just a split second and it felt like someone just stepped directly on my left eye," London said. "I didn't black out or anything, but I was completely dizzy."

London left the ring under his own power and later had X-rays taken at a local hospital where everything came out clean.

"Everyone backstage was convinced I broke my eye socket," London said. "But I really didn't feel that much pain after."

London is now resting at home, where he sports a swollen and slightly bruised eye.

"I'm still a little groggy," London said. "Basically his knee scraped my eye socket. It's one of those freak things you can't control. It could have been a lot worse, but it also could have been a lot better."

VIDEO: London injures his eye.

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