Lilian heartbroken, unreachable

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Sunday night at Vengeance, Lilian Garcia displayed her love for Viscera in a song. Afterwards, the beautiful RAW Diva asked the big man to marry her.

Unfortunately for Lilian, the Godfather and his hos made their way to the ring before Big Vis could give her an honest answer.

Godfather proceeded to convince Viscera that he was not the marrying type. To further drive the point home, Godfather offered up a ride on his Ho Train.

The 500-pound love machine was unable to resist the sexy ladies Godfather put in front of him. He then went on to choose the hos over Lilian, breaking her heart in the process.

Ever since the heart-breaking moment Sunday night, Lilian has been unable to be reached for comment., however, was able to retrieve the following quotes made by Lilian immediately after Viscera walked out on her. These comments are courtesy of the upcoming Vengeance DVD and can be found as an extra once released:

"Do you know what it took to publicly ask Viscera to marry me? I don't understand," said Lilian to Maria backstage. "He was always so loving and caring and compassionate. I mean we couldn't do the normal things that couples could do in bed 'cuz I always had to be on (cuts herself off crying)."

Check back here as continues to contact Lilian for additional comments.

Click here to watch the Vengeance webcast to see how this entire situation went down.

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