Lilian sings in New York City

Raw ring announcer Lilian Garcia will sing the national anthem at two major sports events in the New York City area in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow night, she will sing before the New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. On Dec. 10, Garcia will sing before the New York Jets game at the Meadowlands. While the Knicks performance will be her first for the NBA team, it'll be a record fourth time when Garcia sings for the Jets.

"I feel so great, because they told me they've never invited anybody back this many times. So it feels really special. It's just such a high!" Garcia laughed.  

While Garcia loves singing the national anthem all across America for WWE events, singing in New York City is extra special.

"Singing in New York City took on a whole new meaning after 9/11. The fact that I get to do it in New York, it's even that much more special. I look forward to it a lot," Garcia said.

Garcia is a fan of both the Knicks and the Jets. But crowd-wise, it doesn't matter who she's singing in front of -- the audience always plays an integral part in her performance.

"Every time I sing the national anthem, I seem to touch the audience because I feel… I could feel their energy. I could feel what they're receiving from it. That's what's so special to me -- the fact that I could sing it and someone else could feel it. It's just great. It's magic," she continued.

Tomorrow will mark her first performance at the Garden for a non-WWE crowd. While she enjoys performing for sports crowds and WWE fans, they differ greatly.

"The WWE fans are so boisterous! Our crowd really gets into it. When I'm singing the national anthem to the WWE fans, they cheer throughout the song. When I sing it for an NBA crowd, it's like you can hear a pin drop until the very end," she explained.

"It's a different feeling for both. Our crowd, automatically from the get-go, they want to scream!"


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