Lilian Garcia at the MTV Latin VMAs

RAW ring announcer Lilian Garcia was part of a star-studded evening Thursday night at the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America 2006. The event, which was held at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, was Garcia's first awards show appearance, and it's something she won't soon forget. Garcia was personally invited to the VMAs by MTV, and she was there to promote her upcoming album, which will be released in 2007.

"The VMAs were incredible. It was mayhem, but it was unbelievable," Garcia told "The stars that showed up, the WWE fans that were there, the photographers, the press, everything -- it was just unbelievable."

Garcia said the busy red carpet (which was actually green) was the highlight of the night, since she was able to meet some of today's hottest musical acts.

"I got to meet Nelly Furtado. I got to speak with Shakira. I had met her before, but I got to really speak to her for a while. And then I got to meet Robbie Williams, Fall Out Boy -- we talked to them for a while, so that was pretty cool."

Garcia pointed out that many WWE fans had gathered around the red carpet before the show and gave her a warm reception.

"There were some fans in the back, and when I turned around and they saw who I was, they were all WWE fans, and they went crazy, and that was just really neat. We were at a MTV event and everyone still associates wrestling, it was so great. There was a great fanbase."

Garcia was also dressed to impress -- her little black dress that was the talk of the red carpet.

"I wore a dress by the designer L'impasse. He's in New York City, actually. It was a little black dress with some rhinestones on it. It was kind of simple, but everyone kept asking me about the dress."

Once inside, Garcia took her seat in the theater among 10,000 people, and was entertained by the evening's show. It was the first time a MTV awards show was held outside the United States.

"The show itself was awesome. I was like right in the middle, like right at the end of the ramp, the third row up. I was sitting among all the stars. And it was great to see all the different performances, and to be able to see them live, and be that close to them at and awards show. And to see how an awards show was done, it was just really cool.

"Evanescence did great. I was very impressed. They did two songs. Robbie Williams did really good. Shakira, of course, she's always spectacular -- she opened the show. It was a lot of fun. There were a lot of funny moments, and the fans that were there were really great. It was chaotic, but a really good chaotic."


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