Lilian Garcia records duet with Jon Secada

In addition to her responsibilities as Raw ring announcer, Lilian Garcia has been very busy recording her latest album. Immediately after each Raw, the WWE Diva flies to Miami to work with top producers Tim Mitchell and George Noriega, who have also worked with such musical superstars as Shakira, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez. According to Garcia, the recording process has been very rewarding, and became even more special this past Thursday when she recorded a duet with famous Latin artist Jon Secada. recently talked with Garcia about the album, her session with Secada and more:
How was it working with Jon Secada?
Lilian Garcia: Awesome. It was incredible. He walked in and I was getting all sweaty and everything. Then, all of a sudden, he started singing and rehearsing the track. And when I heard his voice I got all emotional. It was just one of those things that was like,"Wow. He's really here. The day is here. And he's really singing on my track." It was just very, very surreal. Have you always been a fan of his work?
Garcia: Jon has one of those voices that is very unforgettable. I remember when I first heard him I thought, "Wow, this guy can sing. He soars." He has an extremely angelic voice. I've been a fan since he came out with his first single. So, now, to hear him on this track is just incredible. Were you guys together when you recorded the song, or did you do it separately?
Garcia: We recorded separately for the beginning, and then we went in the studio and recorded together. It was great because we fed off each other and the energy was so intense. It was like we were already seeing ourselves performing it live on stage, so it was pretty intense. We collaborated on three other songs on this album as well. How is the project going?
Garcia: It's going great. We don't have a release date yet, but it's been very exciting. I have co-written 11 out of the 12 tunes. It's a very fun record. I'm hoping that it gets released in the summer, because to me it's a total summer record. It's just great because my sister is involved co-writing lyrics and my mom even helped co-write one of the songs. It's great that I could get my family and Jon Secada involved so much. Vocally, it's everything I wanted to express.There are going to be 10 songs on the album that are in Spanish and two in English. And one of them I decided to do for Eddie Guerrero. That meant the world to me. Once I made that decision, the words came out really easy. I think it pinpointed him and his life. It's called "Live On." It's a message that his memory and his soul will live on. We saw how emotional you were with his passing in the testimonials on What was it like having to record the song?
Garcia: The words came out pretty easy -- just because I knew him so well and talked to him so much. I knew the pain he was going through and all the struggles in his life. And all of the good things, too, like when he won the (WWE) Championship. And that's what the song's all about -- the ups and downs in his life. I got very emotional at times and would have to walk away for a bit and come back to it. I took a group of people backstage and wanted to perform it for them -- especially with the girls when we were in Afghanistan. We were in a little dorm-type building. I sat there and took out the mp3 player and had the music and I sang it to them live. They all had tears in their eyes, and I had tears in my eyes. It was pretty intense. I just wanted to make sure they felt I captured him in the song, and they totally agreed that I did. So, it's very, very special to me.

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