NFL, NCAA want Lilian

Lilian Garcia can't help but get emotional when she hears, or more specifically, when she sings the National Anthem.

Garcia, who grew up in a military family, is known for her emotional renditions of the National Anthem. One of her most memorable performances came last year when WWE went overseas for Christmas in Iraq, as many of the soldiers in attendance were even caught shedding a tear when she was done.

She has also sung tremendous versions in front of record-breaking WrestleMania crowds, typically working the audience into a frenzy right before WWE's annual extravaganza.
"If you put me in a room with three people and ask me to sing, I'm a nervous wreck," Garcia told "But if I'm in the middle of a ballfield or arena, I just thrive off of that."

That's a good thing since Garcia, RAW's lovely ring announcer and resident singer, recently sang the National Anthem for two enormous crowds.

Garcia, who sings the National Anthem for RAW audiences each and every week, sang the song at a University of South Carolina-Alabama football game on Sept. 17 in Columbia, South Carolina.

One week later, Garcia performed on one of the biggest stages there is when she sang the National Anthem at the Meadowlands on Sept. 25, right before kickoff of the Jets-Jaguars NFL game. This was Garcia's third straight year doing the song prior to a Jets game.

"It's just an exhilarating feeling," Garcia said prior to the event. "You're talking about thousands and thousands of people in the stands and it's just a great feeling to be in the moment with them. Last year, I held up a miniature flag when I got to ‘Our flag was still there,' and they just went nuts. I love the NFL and now I'm a big Jets fan."

WATCH Lilian perform the National Anthem at the Jets game.

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