Cena stays up late

Cena stays up late

The Champ stayed up late Thursday night, as he was a special guest on CBS's The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. John Cena chatted it up with Ferguson about everything from The Marine on DVD to getting in the ring with K-Fed to Donald Trump's upcoming visit to WrestleMania 23.

Ferguson was immediately wowed by Cena's size.

"Look at the size of his fist. Oh my God!" Ferguson shouted, as the crowd cheered. "When you hold a regular fork, does it look like a little corn on the cob fork? All burgers look like White Castle burgers to you, bro."

Cena laughed it off and the two began discussing how The Champ has balanced a career in sports-entertainment and acting.

"You just go from kicking ass in a 20-by-20 ring to kicking ass on a giant screen. It actually was really, really different," Cena explained. "With sports-entertainment you're performing live in front of thousands of people every night, so that gets you excited. A movie set is very quiet, and it's very different."

Ferguson mentioned that Cena recently got in the Raw ring with Kevin Federline.

"You were the one that kicked K-Fed's ass. Can I say on behalf of America, thank you very much?" Ferguson said to a laughing live audience.

"You're very welcome. I know you all wanted to do it. I was just doing the deed for you," Cena quipped.

"Have you heard from Britney yet at all?" Ferguson asked.

"No, I put my number out there, almost in a stalker-like fashion," Cena joked.

The Champ also told Ferguson about the excitement surrounding the upcoming WrestleMania 23.

"Vince McMahon -- my boss, self-proclaimed world's greatest billionaire, yada-yada-yada; and Donald Trump -- also self-proclaimed world's greatest billionaire -- they're both going to get in the WWE ring and they said instead of fighting each other, we'll each pick a guy. Trump's going to pick a guy, Vince is going to pick a guy. Loser gets his head shaved," Cena explained, as the crowd gasped.

"Actually that's easy for Trump, because if he loses it, he just takes it off!" Ferguson responded.

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