Kristal dishes on Bob Barker spoke to WWE Diva Kristal about the recent announcement that Bob Barker will soon retire from his hosting duties at The Price Is Right. The SmackDown Diva has the inside scoop on Barker, since she was one of Barker's Beauties. What are your thoughts about Bob Barker's upcoming retirement from hosting The Price Is Right?
Kristal: It's good for him, but it's bad for us. The Price Is Right has been around forever. I grew up watching it. It's going to be a big loss for daytime television. But you know, he has 13 Emmys… or maybe a little bit more? He has had a long career and we're going to miss him. What was Bob Barker like to work with?
Kristal: Bob was cool. He's was really laid back. He's actually pretty funny, believe it or not. He was very, very witty; very sharp-witted and funny. So it was cool. What do you think he means to daytime television?
Kristal: Bob is a legend. If there were an emperor of game shows, that would be Bob Barker. He's like the pimp of all the shows. So I wonder who will fill his spot -- those are big shoes to fill. Do you think there are any WWE Superstars who would make a good host for The Price Is Right now that Barker is retiring?
Kristal: I think ECW Extremist Matt Striker would be a good host because he has that face that the WWE fans just love. He's charming and well-spoken -- just a good, wholesome, American boy. We can have a bevy of Barker's WWE Divas also, starting with Queen Sharmell -- she would be perfect -- and of course, me. There would be a couple others that would fit -- Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, but I think we'd make the best Barker's Beauties. Was Bob Barker as horny as everybody claims?
Kristal: Well, I think that's a general question. I think most men are. But Bob, like I said, he was really laid back, but um… I mean, never with me, but then again, it's his loss. (Laughs.) Is it true that he used to hit on all the Barker's Beauties?
Kristal: Um… no comment. (Laughs.) Did he ever hit on you?
Kristal: Hmm… I think one time he might have, but I didn't give him the time of day. You know, Bob's not really my type. (Laughs.) And how many Barker's Beauties do you think he scored?
Kristal: Like I said, you know, Bob's been around for a while. He has the best looking chicks on his show, so it could be anywhere from… I don't know, from one to 100?! (Laughs.) Is there anything else you'd like to add about Bob Barker and his upcoming retirement?
Kristal: I do! Please don't forget to have your pets spayed and neutered! (Laughs.)







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