King of Manila

When SmackDown Superstars landed in Manila, Philippines last Wednesday, the 379 passengers onboard were convinced there was a 380th passenger. Finlay's companion Little Bastard was sighted slipping in between seats and waking up passengers with a smack on the head. He managed to quickly disappear after each instance. During one of his cameos, Little Bastard was heard mumbling this WWE tour is the first time he has been outside of the United States. Funny; I thought he was from Ireland.

After arriving at the hotel, Matt Hardy and Gregory Helms walked around a local mall to learn more about the Filipino culture.

"There were so many SmackDown fans who just wanted to say hello," Hardy said, adding that the WWE fans were all very respectful.

World Heavyweight Champion King Booker explored the city as well, spending much of the afternoon on the golf course. By the time he reached the ninth hole, a gallery of about 150 WWE fans was following him.

"The SmackDown fans respectably applauded after every nice shot I made," said King Booker. "But when I was on the 16th hole and I made that birdie, the crowd just went crazy and applauded, chanting, ‘All hail King Booker'."

The trip to Manila was also very special to Chavo Guerrero. Not only was he excited to meet the great WWE fans, but he also celebrated his 34th birthday in the Philippines last Friday.


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