Khali ready to make giant mark on Hollywood

Khali ready to make giant mark on Hollywood

The Great Khali is set to make a giant impact on Hollywood.

Later this month, the 7-foot -3 inch, 420-pound behemoth from India is set to begin shooting the new Get Smart movie based on the 1960s classic TV show. Khali is no stranger to Hollywood as he starred in 2005's The Longest Yard alongside Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Burt Reynolds.

In an interview with, the Raw giant said he would treat the competition in Hollywood just like he does his opponents in WWE.

"I will crush them," Khali said. "I will abuse them just like I will abuse Kane at WrestleMania."

The Great Khali will star alongside The Rock, Anne Hathaway, Terence Stamp, Academy Award winning actor Alan Arkin and The Office's Steve Carell, who will play agent Maxwell Smart. He is just the latest WWE star to invade Hollywood; WWE Champion John Cena showcased his skills in The Marine, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, stars in The Condemned, which opens April 27 and Kane starred in last year's See No Evil.

Khali said there is no comparison between him and The Big Red Monster on the big screen.

"I am a much bigger star than Kane," he said.

Get Smart will be released sometime in 2008.




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