Kennedy sidelined six months

On Tuesday, SmackDown Superstar Ken Kennedy underwent surgery to repair a tendon that was ripped clean off a bone in his back. caught up with Kennedy convalescing at home to find out how he's doing now. How did the surgery go, and how are you feeling now?

Kennedy: I'm pretty achy, pretty sore. But the surgery went even better than they thought it would. The doctors said they got it really tight; the tendon re-attached perfectly to the bone, and they didn't have to cut me open as much as they thought they'd have to cut me open. What restrictions will you have during the recovery period?

Kennedy: I'm not allowed do to anything with my right hand for the next six weeks. So, that should be interesting. I'm not at all ambidextrous. I'm very right-handed, so I've been having a hard time doing anything. But I'm in a huge sling with a cuff that is attached to a cooler and it fills with cold water, so it's pretty slick. My hand and wrist are Velcroed to my belly-button for the next six weeks. But I'm doing okay. I'm a little groggy still, obviously. I'm on pretty strong pain medication. Every once and a while it starts to wear off and I start to feel it, but what can you do? What will you do to pass the time?

Kennedy: Well, I can't play video games like I wanted to because I'm not allowed to use my right hand, so I'm a little bummed out about that. So, I've just been watching seasons 1-3 of The Shield on DVD. When will you be able to get an update on your condition?

Kennedy: I have to go back in two weeks and see the surgeon again. But hopefully, they'll tell me that since the surgery went so well that maybe my recovery time won't be quite as long as they originally thought. Will you have to take any special precautions once you return to the ring? Your finishing maneuver, for example, would seem to put a lot of impact on the surgically repaired areas.

Kennedy: Well, I won't be able to do anything for six months, but once I'm ready to go back in the ring, I'll be fully ready to go. I should be able to take a full swing at it.

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