Mr. Kennedy represents SmackDown for CW

Mr. Kennedy represented Friday Night SmackDown at the Television Critics Association meeting with the new CW (television network) in Pasadena, Calif., to present its fall television lineup.  Mr. Kennedy was on hand representing SmackDown and opened the meeting using his trademark announcing style to excellent effect. Before he left to join SmackDown on the road, he took a moment to speak with

“It was quite an honor,” said Mr. Kennedy about opening the Television Critics Association meeting for the CW. “I never would have thought a year ago that I would kick off a network television event like this. At the same time, why wouldn’t I be here, and what better way to kick off this event for the new CW than with Mr. Kennedy… Kennedy.”

While at the event, Kennedy had the opportunity to meet several other big stars from the CW.

“I got to say hello to Dawn Ostroff, the President of the CW,” said Kennedy. “I also met stars like Terry Crews from Everybody Hates Chris, Scott Patterson of Gilmore Girls  - who are both fans – and Pooch Hall of the new comedy, The Game, which is a very funny show.

Although Mr. Kennedy makes his living as a WWE Superstar, he also has strong opinions about television, and gave his thoughts about some of the new CW shows.

“The new Monday night series Runaway is going to blow people away,” said Kennedy. “I got to see the pilot, and it is a really hot show. Leslie Hope is a terrific actress who was one of the original cast members of 24, one of my favorite TV shows outside of watching WWE. It was a treat to meet her, but I have to admit that she was even more excited to meet Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy. 

“Donnie Wahlberg is another star of Runaway. I’ve always been a big fan of Donnie’s work. A lot of times people don’t recognize Donnie because he does such a good job submersing himself into his characters. He’s one of my favorite actors. Dustin Milligan is going to be the breakout star. He is a huge WWE fan. He literally ran across the stage to meet me,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy noted that Wahlberg is also a big WWE fan.

“Both Donnie and Dustin are great guys and are very knowledgeable about wrestling,” said Kennedy. “They certainly recognized my status as one of the superior Superstars on SmackDown. They also recognized something that I thought was quite astute and definitely true -- that Matt Hardy sucks!”

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