Kelly enjoys Oriental experience

ECW Diva Kelly Kelly got her first taste of Japan when she went on a tour of Tokyo. Her first stop was at the Asakusa Nakanise Shopping Center, which sells kimonos, dolls and candy among other traditional goods. While she was there, she bought her first souvenir: a kimono for her mother.

After shopping, Kelly impressed the rickshaw drivers when she told them she is an ECW Diva. The drivers couldn't resist feeling her biceps. Shortly afterward a group of young students from Nagano asked Kelly some questions as she helped them understand English.

"I really enjoyed being here," Kelly said. "The fans are so polite."

Along with the Japanese culture Kelly learned about, she was excited to see a familiar sight in Hello Kitty, her favorite brand of makeup, bags, and dolls.

"Being 19 and having just joined the ECW, it's been really amazing for me to be recognized on the streets of Japan," Kelly said. "I mean, I'm just a girl from Jacksonville, Fla."


Photos from Kelly's visit

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