Heidenreich lands on the Gulf Coast

John Heidenreich is still about 60 miles north of where Hurricane Katrina inflicted the most damage and suffering, but he's still having trouble coming to grips with what he's seen thus far on his trip back home.

Heidenreich landed in Mobile, Alabama, Wednesday morning and made the short drive into Picayune, Mississippi, where he is staying with his mother.

"It seems like every tree, every telephone pole and every power line is down," Heidenreich told WWE.com. "It's amazing more people weren't killed in this area just by the trees coming down. Some of these huge trees just missed landing on houses. It's like somebody was looking out for these people."

Heidenreich pushed back his trip into New Orleans to see his home and father. He wanted to get an early start Thursday morning. Heidenreich's home in Meterie, Louisiana, is about an hour south of his mother's place in Mississippi.

"What I've seen so far is hard to believe, it's almost like it's out of a movie," Heidenreich said. "And I haven't even seen the worst of it yet. We went by a row of mobile homes, and it was like they were aluminum cans that someone just crushed with their feet."

Heidenreich also noted that all of the huge steel billboards advertising the local casinos on the major roads leading to and from the airport were "blown down like dominoes."

Heidenreich even shared a personal story about his wife's sister, who lived in East New Orleans with her husband.

"They lived on the second-floor of an apartment building and decided to wait out the storm," Heidenreich said. "The building next to them was knocked down and the flooding filled all of the first floor and half of their apartment. They ended up on the roof and a helicopter saved them. Right now they're in the Astrodome (which is sheltering many Katrina victims)."

Heidenreich is hoping to talk to WWE.com again Thursday afternoon after he makes his way into New Orleans. Check back to get more updates on his emotional journey back home.

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