Heidenreich on mission to find family

John Heidenreich still hasn't talked to his father since his hometown in Louisiana was devastated by Hurricane Katrina Monday. Heidenreich is also furiously trying to re-connect with his wife and kids, who he last talked to on Saturday before the devastating storm hit.

Heidenreich, who is currently staying in a hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, has managed to receive some second-hand reports that are encouraging. However, he plans to get some answers for himself very soon, regardless of how dangerous conditions have become in New Orleans.

"I'm going down there Wednesday come hell or high water," Heidenreich said. "I believe the Baton Rouge airport is open. I'm flying to whatever airport will land me, taking whatever rental car will drive me and I'm going to buy a gun for protection. If there's no law down there, I'm not going to have some moron running around shoot me. I have a father, wife and kids to track down."

Heidenreich was able to track down his father's wife, who was staying with family friends well outside of New Orleans while her husband decided to stay behind and brave one of the worst natural disasters in United States history.

"Apparently, it wasn't too bad in terms of initial damage there," Heidenreich told WWE.com Friday afternoon. "I also talked to an ex-girlfriend who told me my area in Meterie (Louisiana) wasn't hit too bad. Still, now that the flooding has started, there's no telling."

Heidenreich last talked to his wife and two kids Saturday before Katrina hit. They safely left New Orleans for Hammond, Louisiana, to stay with friends. While he knows they got out of the city, he's still not sure how extensive the damage was in Hammond.

Secondly, Heidenreich is very concerned with the outbreak of looting and violence in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

There have been many news reports of violence, fires and shootings, leaving Heidenreich worried about the safety of his family and even any valuables at his home that survived the storm, like his large-screen television. In fact, his ex-girlfriend told him that every Cadillac at a downtown dealership was stolen after the storm.

"It's real depressing the last few days," Heidenreich said. "There's a lot of people down there I love and care about and I can't get through to them."

Once Heidenreich is hopefully reunited with his loved ones, he expects to leave the town where he was born and raised well behind.

"I'm probably going to move," Heidenreich said. "The city will never be the same. There's no telling how many lives were destroyed or ruined by this. The city was so unprepared for this. It isn't even funny."

Check back with WWE.com as we expect to post first-hand reports when Heidenreich arrives in Louisiana to track down his family.

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