Joey Styles "speaks" about quitting RAW

Monday night on RAW, Joey Styles shocked everyone, quitting his job as lead announcer in a true "OH MY GOD!" moment. As a result, there is now a job open at the RAW announce table. An announcement from the Chairman's office is expected to be made Wednesday on regarding the lead announce position on RAW.

I gave Joey a call this morning, and asked him if he had any second thoughts about quitting now that he had some time to think about it. Maybe he got caught up in the moment or acted too hastily?

Well, while Joey is usually a nice guy, his response to my call was quick and incisive, as he said "the only correspondence I want from WWE right now is my final paycheck and my official release." He then hung up on me. Clearly, Styles feels the same way now as he did Monday night.

After "talking" to Styles, I caught up with Jerry Lawler to get his side of the story. Just hours after the altercation, Lawler was more remorseful than Styles. "I'm still shocked and surprised at Joey's actions," "The King" responded. "I really thought Joey would reconsider his decision and come to his senses after sleeping on it last night."

Lawler has a unique perspective, as he has also quit WWE in the past. "I can tell you from personal experience that making a rash decision to quit this company is not wise. I did it a few years ago and it was the biggest mistake I ever made," he said. Despite what you saw on RAW, Lawler has no ill will towards Joey Styles. "I wish Joey the best in his future endeavors and I hope he doesn't feel I contributed to his decision in any way."

Sadly, the bottom line is that whether or not he ever regrets it, Joey Styles is no longer the lead announcer on RAW. To see Joey one last time, watch the video of him quitting here.


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