Jimmy Hart talks about HBK vs. Hogan

With SummerSlam just weeks away, fans everywhere are clamoring to see the Legend vs. the Icon, Shawn Michaels vs. Hulk Hogan. With two of the greatest Superstars in WWE history slated to do battle, it's almost impossible to pick a winner. WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart, knows both Hogan and HBK very well, so he was able to provide some unique insight into the upcoming match as well as several other topics.

WWE.com: What do you think about Hulk Hogan coming back to WWE and wrestling again?
Jimmy Hart: I think it's awesome. Like I said, the past is still the future. It gets him back out in the public. The fans get to see him. And it helps promote the show. It brings a lot of wrestling fans over to Hogan Knows Best. And also, a lot of fans that aren't wrestling fans that watch Hogan Knows Best will tune in to watch WWE so it's a good deal for both companies. I keep saying the 80's were so strong. And of course I did the song, Sexy Boy, for Shawn Michaels, so I have a double interest. I love both the guys. I think it's great for the business. I think it's great for the fans to see some of the stars they grew up watching.

WWE.com: How will a match of this magnitude play out?
Jimmy Hart: The people that are there will definitely get their money's worth. I'm sure Shawn will have a lot of fans there that love him and the same thing with the Hulkster. I think what Vince is doing, bringing some of the legends back and putting them on TV -- I know Jake was on a few months ago, of course Hulk, and Piper's been in and out -- I just think it's great. It's a little something for everybody. It gives people their money's worth.

WWE.com: Last week, Shawn Michaels began poking fun at Hogan's age and his ability in the ring. What do you think of those tactics?
Jimmy Hart: It's like Hogan said a long time ago. He said it's not about the best wrestler, it's about who makes the most money. Hulkster, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair. Those are some of the stars of the past who are still able to talk the people into the seats. Of course, all of them were able to perform, too, in their own way. But I learned a long time ago you never say anyone's old, you never say anyone's fat and you never say anyone's bald. Because if that fat, old, bald person beats you, it makes you look stupid.

WWE.com: Who is your pick to win at SummerSlam?
Jimmy Hart (jokingly): Here's what I'd like to see happen. Hulk comes out to American Made, not Real American, because American Made is Jimmy Hart's song. Shawn Michaels comes out to Sexy Boy, another Jimmy Hart song. They have a great match, all of a sudden you hear another Jimmy Hart song and here comes Bret "Hit Man" Hart. They both look at Bret and are in shock. And then out comes Vince McMahon. Then the next match is Bret Hart teaming up with Hogan against Vince and Shawn. Then down the line we can bring Stephanie back and bring Hulk's daughter in. She's 17 and knows karate. So before you know it we have three PPVs and can build up to WrestleMania and of course I'd like to see Jimmy Hart as special referee. We'd have tremendous buyrates and sold out crowds.

WWE.com: You've mentioned Hulk's show Hogan Knows Best and you were even shown in the Hall of Fame episode. What do you think of Hogan's show?
Jimmy Hart: It's been awesome. It started out for his daughter because she has a great voice and singing and everything. And Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson seem to be getting shows and they helped kicked off their careers. I think what happened is -- we went down to shoot a pilot -- Hulk called me and Brian Knobbs and we went down to shoot the pilot. They just loved it and picked it up. I just wish I could have been in it more, but I've been traveling all over the country. I do my stuff in Memphis Wrestling every two weeks for a live show on UPN with Jerry Lawler and have been working on all of my music projects. But being on this past week, if there was one show to be on that was it. I'm still grateful for anything I can get out of the wrestling business because wrestling has been so good to me. Being inducted into the Hall of Fame was the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

WWE.com: Speaking of the Hall of Fame, who do you think would make good future inductees?
Jimmy Hart: I definitely think Bret Hart. As far as tag teams go, maybe Bret and (Jim) Neidhart together as the Hart Foundation. I'd love to see the Honky Tonk Man in there. Entertainment-wise he was a major part of WWE's success (in the 80s). Jake "The Snake" Roberts -- I think Jake was a major part of it back then (the 80s) as well. There's just so many people that we went up and down the road with that were tremendous and did so much for the business. There's plenty more than that, but those are three or four that I think the world of.

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