Jericho sounds off about Bret Hart's WWE Hall of Fame induction

Former Undisputed WWE Champion and fellow Canadian Chris Jericho has a tremendous amount of respect for the career and accomplishments of Bret "Hit Man" Hart. It's also clear that Y2J doesn't think the way Bret left WWE should have any bearing on his Hall of Fame legacy. caught up with Jericho in Los Angeles via cell phone to get his thoughts on Bret's upcoming induction on April 1: What are your thoughts about Bret Hart's induction in to the WWE Hall of Fame this year?

Jericho: I think it's a long time coming. He completely deserves it, and I think he gives the Hall of Fame more credibility. He should be in there more than almost anybody else. Did you think this day would ever come, considering the dramatic fashion in which he left WWE for WCW?

Jericho: I think that's the problem with analyzing Bret Hart's career. Everyone focuses on how it ended in WWE, but that has nothing to do with the body of work that gets him into the Hall of Fame. It's like focusing on Mother Theresa's death rather than her entire life's work. Bret should be remembered for more than just how he left. And if Vince McMahon and he hate each other and never speak again, that's got nothing to do with the work that he did while he was actually in WWE.

I think how he left and his Hall of Fame career have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Regardless of what happens in business, how could you deny Bret's rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame?

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