Can JBL end Mysterio's miracle reign?

SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long has announced the main event for Judgment Day, which will take place Sunday, May 21, at the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Ariz. The self-proclaimed American Hero, and United States Champion, JBL will challenge the biggest underdog World Heavyweight Champion in the history of sports-entertainment -- Rey Mysterio.

JBL issued the challenge last week on SmackDown during his United States Championship celebration. "I took a Championship off your two buddies, Chris (Benoit) and Eddie (Guerrero). You're the third, amigo," said the cocky JBL. "That thing is bigger than you," he said about the World Heavyweight Championship on Rey's shoulder. "That thing will look really good on my right shoulder with (the U.S. Championship) on my left."

Mysterio has admitted that his Championship reign can end at any time. The 5 foot 6, 165 pound champion may be small in stature, but his enormous heart cannot be overlooked. Although Rey's miracle reign as champion can come to an abrupt halt at any time, one thing is for sure -- the master of the 619 will give it everything he's got. Will it be enough, though, when he faces JBL at Judgment Day?

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