JBL swings in Scotland

JBL swings in Scotland

FIFE, Scotland -- The prestigious St. Andrews golf course has been called the "Home of Golf." In roughly 600 years of history, modern golf legends like Tom Morris, Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods have taken turns attempting to conquer what many consider the game's most challenging course. Now, another elite golfer can be added to the long list of greats who have played St. Andrews: John Bradshaw Layfield.

During WWE's European tour, JBL took a few days out of his busy schedule of making millions and preparing to call SmackDown to get his swing on in Scotland. He began golfing at age 10, when he worked washing golf carts at the Sweet Water Country Club in Sugar Land, Texas. The former World Champion has played on and off since then, and was full of praise for the course Tiger Woods once described as "the ultimate" to play and win. 

"I've basically played all the great courses from Doral, Pebble Beach, and Pinehurst to Mid Ocean in Bermuda, but the history of St. Andrews has to make it the greatest in the world," he said. "Maybe not the prettiest, I think Pebble Beach is, but St. Andrews is the best."

But JBL did run into a -- for lack of a better word -- rough time at one of the sand traps. He had trouble lifting his ball out, which cost him precious strokes off his score. It also happened to be the very same bunker that Jack Nicklaus, who has won 18 Major Championships, took six shots to get out of.

"That didn't help anything; you see I was just trying to get out [of the bunker]; Nicklaus was actually trying to hit the ball toward the hole," he laughed. "But I played the course four times over the weekend, and I shot pretty well for me — 92, 87, 82 and an 80 on the last day. That was probably the best I could play."

Check out photos of JBL at St. Andrews golf course.

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