No Regrets

At Judgment Day, John Bradshaw Layfield will meet Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship. But first, the reigning World Champion, as a result of JBL's goading, will take on The Great Khali in non-title action this Friday in San Diego on SmackDown. Earlier today, spoke with JBL to get his thoughts on the SmackDown main event and the World Heavyweight Championship.

What really wanted to know was how JBL could look himself in the mirror, knowing that he was likely responsible for sending Mysterio to his demise at the hands of Great Khali in front of his friends and family in his hometown of San Diego. The former WWE Champion responded, speaking in a rather serious tone. "Last week was phase one. Mark Henry was just the first to prove that Rey Mysterio the World Champion is a fluke. Mark Henry destroyed Rey with ease. This week, Great Khali will do the same, only this time it will be in front of all Rey's friends and family, and they will all see that Rey Mysterio the World Champion is a fraud. This Friday night, Rey will be further exposed to the whole world as a fake."

We asked JBL to compare himself and Rey Mysterio as World Champions. JBL, who held the WWE Championship for nearly a year leading up to WrestleMania 21 was pointed in his words. "Let's get one thing straight, Rey Mysterio is a great athlete and a great entertainer. But, to suggest that Rey Mysterio is anywhere even close to my level as a Champion, is a joke."

As the interview with JBL continued, the self-proclaimed "Wrestling God" painted a picture of a man with both great pride, and perhaps a hint of bitterness. "When I was WWE Champion, I didn't back down from anybody. I sweat buckets, and I bled pints. I was nearly killed by men the likes of Undertaker and Big Show, but I somehow survived, and walked out every time with the Championship around my waist. As Champion, Rey has already lost once, and come Friday, he will lose again." asked JBL if a Championship victory at Judgment Day would be tainted due to the amount of punishment Rey was forced to endure in the weeks leading up to the event. Again, JBL gave a spirited response. "He can make all the excuses he wants, but the simple fact is when you step into the ring as World Champion, there are no excuses. When I was the Champ, I was always injured, but I never whined, and I never complained. As the World Champion you are supposed to take on all challengers, at all times."

At Judgment Day, JBL plans to win his second World Championship, and at the same time, complete a "special accomplishment" that the self-made millionaire has had his eyes on. "When I beat Rey at Judgment Day, I will have completed the trifecta. I will have taken Championships from each of the three amigos. I took the WWE Championship from Eddie Guerrero, I took the United States Championship from Chris Benoit, and at Judgment Day, I will make wrestling history by beating Rey Mysterio and becoming the first man in SmackDown history to hold both the U.S. and World Championships at the same time."


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