Divas shine in Jared Gold's designs

Divas shine in Jared Gold's designs

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. -- The Divas were looking hotter than ever during the filming of Timbaland and The Hives' "Throw it on Me" music video at Universal Studios. Ashley, Maryse, Torrie and Extreme Expose's Layla, Kelly Kelly and Brooke were outfitted in unique creations by Salt Lake City designer Jared Gold.

After WWE executives attended Gold's runway show at Los Angeles' Fashion Week in March, they contacted him to design the Divas' clothes for the Timbaland video. Gold -- who designs the Jared Gold Collection and Black Chandelier -- met the Divas at a few live events.

"It was really fun. We met and measured everyone for the Timbaland video. I interviewed the Divas to find out their personalities so we could maximize them and take them to the next level," Gold said.

Each of the six Divas' distinct personalities shined through during the taping of the "Throw it on Me" video. Whether dancing with Timbaland, posing for a fashion photo shoot or getting in the ring, the Divas looked sexy, glamorous and playful in their personalized, black-and-white Gold designs.

"The first person I drew was Layla. She wanted something kind of sexy, but kind of wenchy -- a cutesy little pirate thing," Gold said. "I actually designed two looks for each Diva, and we chose the strongest design out of the two looks."

Layla was pleased with her black, multi-piece, midriff-baring look.

"I think my outfit that Jared Gold put together for me today fits my persona. It's funky, it's crazy and it's out there. It's got spunk, it's got character. It totally fits me to a T," she said.

For Layla's Extreme Expose partner, Brooke, Gold went with a stadium rock look, with black leather shorts and a customized jacket, boots and a bra-top that read "Rock This."

 "I wanted to do a Joan Jett look. More modern, though, like in today's era, but with a little bit of my touch to it. It fits me perfectly -- the jacket and shorts, and the little top that says ‘Rock This.' " ECW's newest Diva explained. "It's totally me, and it's totally cute. Plus, the hair with it, it's just amazing. It all just fits together when you see it. I feel like a million dollars. It's amazing."

To round out Extreme Expose's costuming, Gold said Kelly Kelly wanted something "ghetto-bling."

"We did kind of a Lil' Kim look, but all stretched out and glamazoned, because Kelly is such a glamourpuss," Gold said.

ECW's Kelly wore a dazzling, sparkly white tube top with denim cutoff shorts and blingin' suspenders.

"Jared knew, right when I told him what I wanted. He brought me this outfit last night and I was blown away. I was like, that's so me -- little booty shorts and a little top," Kelly told WWE.com. "I love the little top and the suspenders -- I love suspenders, I wear them like every day, for regular biz-cash, you know? The outfits came together so great today, plus the fantastic hair and makeup."

Gold stuck with the glamorous theme for Torrie's floral frock and thigh-high stockings.

"It is a little bit conservative, but still sexy at the same time. I think more than anything, I really wanted to show a really glamorous me," the Raw Diva said.

"She's the all-American girl, but who likes glamour. I wanted her to be in something classic, but still sexy," Gold explained. "But she's also kind of funny -- she has this great sense of humor, so I wanted her to be bouncy and kind of adorable."

Ashley's look was typical of the SmackDown Diva. She looked punk rock tough with a super-sexy edge, in her fishnet thigh-highs, trademark black boots, two-piece skirt and shirt and a backwards cap.

"I think Jared kept each one of the Divas pretty true to her style. He really kept who we are in mind when he designed the outfits," Ashley said. "They came out sick. I love mine."

Finally, for Maryse, Gold had a little more of a challenge, since he hadn't met her previously. For the SmackDown beauty, he designed a short, Japanese kimono, which she wore with wedge sandals and white socks.

"I thought about Maryse as the sexy, Kill Bill-assassin, geisha girl," Gold explained. "The fit is really good on her. She's really ‘body.' She loves showing it, so it's really cute on her."

Maryse enjoyed wearing her Orient-inspired piece, and especially loved dolling up for the video shoot.

"I love doing makeup and hair and getting ready. I'm very girly, so I love these parts. I'm in my world," Maryse giggled.

After the Divas were selected for the video, Gold and his team had just two short days to create all six outfits.

"We did everything in my studio in Salt Lake City. I have a design staff there. I came in, I had all the drawings of the Divas and their personality profiles, and I just said, ‘This is what we're doing for each one,' and I assigned everybody certain things," Gold told WWE.com.

"I had about 15 people working two days solid, everybody doing something, from the graphic designers getting all the screens ready and the embroidery for Brooke's jacket to someone making the little buttons for Layla's jacket," Gold explained. "In my world, it's the tiny little details that speak volumes, when you catch them or glimpse them. It means a lot to the Divas because they are seeing it up close."

It's hard for Gold to select a favorite exclusive Divas creation, but as far as sass, he admitted he loves the Extreme Expose outfits.

"At first, when we put the outfit on Layla, she was like, ‘I don't know, I don't know.' As soon as she got to the music video shoot, and the other Divas were in their outfits, she totally owned it. She was like, ‘This is totally fierce!' " he said.

"I love Kelly Kelly's look. It's very avant-garde; it's a little more forward. She just put it on squealed and totally owned it. She was like, ‘Oh, it's so hot!' That was awesome" Gold said.

The Divas were able to keep their one-of-a-kind Gold designs, although the clothes aren't engineered for in-ring action. With Gold's magic touch, the Divas' personalities were larger than life and the designer was thrilled with the outcome.

"It just takes a little bit. We're not trying to change people; we're just trying to step it up.  These costumes are collaborations with each Diva," Gold said. "That's why I felt the Divas really liked their clothes -- it's basically what everyone wanted and asked for."

For more on Gold, visit his official Web site at www.jaredgold.com and Black Chandelier at www.blackchandelier.biz.

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