WWE.com is turning Japanese

WWE has partnered with Sports Marketing Japan Co., Ltd. to provide a Japanese version of WWE.com and WWE Mobile. It is the first time the company has offered its website and mobile services in a language other than English, but is not intended to be the last.

"We are excited to do it because we think it will open up a bigger interest with the Japanese fans because it is in local language," said WWE Vice President of Interactive Development David Knise. "The website is certainly a major component, but we have over 22,000 subscribers to our mobile offering (in Japan) and we are optimistic about building that to an even larger number. The Japanese consumer surfs the web on their phone probably as much or more than they do on a PC."

The mirror site, which launched Sept. 23, has all of the content of the English WWE.com site with the exception of the Play & Win section. However, there are plans to incorporate the popular WWE Fantasy game in the future.

Sports Marketing of Japan has successfully for such organizations as NBA and NFL with much success.


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