Raw Divas go shopping

Raw Divas go shopping

Just hours away from the highly-anticipated Diva Fashion Show on Raw, Maria, Torrie and Mickie James took to some of Italy's designer outlets with hopes of adding some European flare to their already amazing wardrobes.

Maria seemed to have the most success during the shopping spree, purchasing two shirts and a pair of shoes for the Raw show in Milan. Additionally, the sexy Diva picked up a rather revealing bikini for an upcoming photo shoot.

"Shopping was really fun today," Maria told WWE.com while carrying several bags. "I found some really great things. My trip was made when I found my Betty Boop shirt; I can't wait to wear it."

When asked why she was so excited about a Betty Boop shirt, Maria revealed that "Boop" was a nickname she had from her childhood.

The second shirt Maria bought was a sparkly silver top. The shirt was so hot, in fact, that fellow Raw Diva Torrie Wilson bought the same exact shirt. Neither Diva seemed worried, though. They were just excited about how great they looked in it.

"It actually happens quite often," said Maria about having the same shirt as Torrie. "Not everybody can get away with wearing a top like that. We can, so we bought it."

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