Warrior invitation still stands

Last week on WWE.com, World Wrestling Entertainment issued an open invitation to former WWE Champion the Ultimate Warrior, giving him the opportunity to speak his mind in an uncensored forum on WWE.com's weekly webcast Byte This! The invitation comes after Warrior declined to take part in the new WWE DVD, "The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior."
On Monday afternoon, WWE received this notification from a man who claims to speak for the Ultimate Warrior: 
"It is interesting how 'generous' WWE is with their 'invitation' to Warrior to answer back the commentary provided by the likes of Vince (McMahon), (Bruce) Pritchard, (Bobby) Heenan, (Ted) DiBiase, and (Jerry) Lawler, mostly for the reason that the ONLY reason Warrior refused to participate on their project is because Vince refused to participate on my documentary first. Warrior will respond, but it will be on our time. Very interesting but no."
WWE.com would like to hear from the Warrior himself. We have no way of knowing if this man claiming to be from Warrior's camp is actually authorized to speak for Warrior. So, WWE will continue to hold open its invitation for Warrior to appear on Byte This! This is an opportunity for Warrior to speak his mind — uncut and uncensored — for all of his fans and the fans of WWE to hear. Byte This! creates the possibility. Now it's up to Warrior to make it a reality.

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