Hardcore Holly returning for the fans

In April of this year, WWE.com did an exclusive interview with WWE Superstar Hardcore Holly, who at the time was bedridden and near-death due to a severe staph infection in his arm. Holly, who has been away from the ring since November 2005, was recently cleared to resume training and prepare for a return to the squared circle. WWE.com caught up with the resilient, hardcore veteran to get his feelings on the long-awaited comeback.

An emotional Holly described what he felt when the doctors finally cleared him for a return.

“I missed it,” explained Holly. “Being in the ring and wrestling, it’s what I do. I love it and it’s my passion. When they told me I could start training, it was a huge relief. It was a big load off my shoulders because I knew I wasn’t going to be stuck at home anymore. I’m in shape again and close to 100 percent. It’s just a matter of time until I’m back.”

While the future is now much brighter for the fan-favorite, it was a completely different story just a few months ago. As Holly explains, the infection which riddled his arm not only jeopardized his career, but also his life.

“I had an infection called MSRA, which is the worst type of staph infection that you can get. It is strong enough to kill you,” said Holly. “I was to the point where I felt so sick that I honestly thought I was going to die. At one point, the belief was that even if I survived, they might have to amputate my arm.”

Luckily, a specialized surgery saved his career, his arm, and most importantly his life. Now, with his focus back on his career, Holly wants his fans and opponents to know that despite the serious medical ordeal he experienced, nothing has changed about ol’ Hardcore.

“I’m the same aggressive, tough S.O.B. that I was the last time you saw me,” said the enthusiastic Superstar. “There’s nothing different about me. I ain’t no weaker than before, and I’m actually stronger now. When something like this happens to me, it makes me a stronger person. I’m so ready to get in the ring that I could explode. The illness couldn’t soften me up at all.”

Just as he did last time WWE.com caught up with him, Holly wanted to make sure his fans, and his critics, knew that they are the ones fueling his desire to return to the ring.

“They’re the ones that made me who I am. The least I can do is come back for them,” said a serious Holly. “I got so many emails, so many cards, so many letters. It gives me a lot of motivation because I honestly did not realize that there were that many fans out there that cared like they do. I’ve even had fans that dislike me wish me the best because they want the chance to boo me and hate me again.”

As Hardcore makes his final preparations for this return, he wanted to reiterate one key message to his supporters.

“I just want them to know that I am so grateful for all their concern, thoughts and prayers. I am going to work as hard as possible so they aren’t disappointed when I come back. When I return, I hope that I can entertain them just like before. I owe it to them…and you can underline that…I owe it to my fans to come back because without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

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