Hacksaw wants to teach Conway a lesson

Ever since WWE Homecoming, Rob Conway has said that all of the WWE Legends are a thing of the past and the Con Man is the real legend in the making. Eugene, who idolizes all of the WWE legends, has taken exception to Conway's antics, so it's only fitting they will square off at Taboo Tuesday. But it will be a Handicap Match and Eugene will team up with a WWE Legend whom the fans will select. Fans can vote on "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, Kamala or Hacksaw Jim Duggan. WWE.com caught up with Hacksaw and got his thoughts on possibly returning to a WWE ring, how he's been training, his thoughts on Conway and more.

WWE.com: Why do you think the fans should pick you to team up with Eugene and face Rob Conway at Taboo Tuesday?
Hacksaw Jim Duggan: First, I think the two other guys, Kamala and "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, are two great talents and it's an honor to be in the running with those guys. But I think the fans should pick me. I've seen this Rob Conway kid wrestle before. I've seen him with Doink and some of the other guys, and he's a great technical wrestler -- maybe one of the best technical wrestlers around today. But he can't fight a lick. And that's all Hacksaw Jim Duggan's been doing. So, if the kid gets in the ring with me there won't be any fancy takedowns or go-behinds. It's just gonna be a fight, tough guy. I'm starting to get fired up already.

WWE.com: What do you think about Rob Conway saying that the Legends are a thing of the past and that he's going to be the new legend?
Hacksaw Jim Duggan: With all these young guys, there are a lot of flashes in the pan that I've seen go over the last 26 years. But this kid has a lot of staying power. He has a lot of talent. But you can't just start disrespecting guys that have opened the doors and done stuff like that. I've always said that if he doesn't respect his elders, maybe he'll learn to respect his betters. And when he gets in the ring with Hacksaw, I'll be one of the betters. And I just want to tell this Ray, Row, Bob, whatever the young boy's name is, don't mistake me for Doink the Clown. I'm Hacksaw Jim Duggan so I'll be looking for him, tough guy!

WWE.com: What does it feel like heading into Taboo Tuesday not knowing whether or not you'll be making a return to the WWE ring?
Hacksaw Jim Duggan: You always prepare as if you're going to be there. You can't take it easy in case the fans don't pick you. I've been waiting for this call and pointing to this moment for 12 years. Ever since I found out I might have the opportunity to get back into the ring with WWE, I've been training harder than I've ever trained. I've even been getting a little sun tan. I've been getting ready because I know this is my last shot.

WWE.com: How do you think you would mesh with Eugene?
Hacksaw Jim Duggan: I think Eugene and I would work well together. He definitely is an unorthodox kind of guy. And I know people have seen my style, and it's definitely unorthodox. I think we would make a good team and would be hard to deal with because our styles compliment each other. I don't think anyone could prepare for us.

WWE.com: You looked to be in great shape at WWE Homecoming. What kind of workout regimen have you been following?
Hacksaw Jim Duggan: I'm a little different than all of these fancy, muscle guys. They have some great big muscles, but little, tiny wrists. You have to wonder about those guys. And I've never seen a weight fight back. So, my training regimen is a little different. I do it the old fashioned way. I go out and chop some wood. My wife likes to burn wood during the winter, so I chop some wood. I carry slabs of shingles up to the roof. I clear land. I do that kind of stuff. I don't spend a whole lot of time in the gym. Sometimes I go to the old freight docks and unload some trucks. I like to do it the grassroots way. And of course, the big thing is the diet.

WWE.com: What was it like being at WWE Homecoming with all of the Legends when Rob Conway came out and insulted you guys?
Hacksaw Jim Duggan: It was kind of a shock. I didn't know what to expect coming back to WWE after so many years. I didn't know how I'd be received. The young guys, 99.9 percent of them were polite. Even the Divas came up and introduced themselves. It was an honor to be there with the young guys. The business is in good hands with these young kids. And I had a great time being out there with Dusty and Superfly and the rest of the guys. Then all of a sudden this guy came out and was mouthing off to us. I'm surprised he got out as easy as he did. I had to give him a little shot and knocked his sunglasses off and the ol' Fly went out there and did some flying. He's lucky he got out of there as easy as he did. Things won't be as easy at Taboo Tuesday.

WWE.com: How often have you been wrestling?
Hacksaw Jim Duggan: I've enjoyed the independent circuit. It's kind of like going full-circle for a guy like me. Nowadays a lot of these young guys go right to the big time from wrestling school or camp. Back in our day we wrestled in the smaller territories and wrestled in small gyms and National Guard Armories. To go all the way back to that, seeing the young guys out there trying to perfect their trade and work real hard just for a few hundred people is a lot of fun. I wrestle about two or three times a month -- just enough to still get out on the road. I still love the business. I also go over to Japan four or five times a year.

WWE.com: What else do you do down in Florida?
Hacksaw Jim Duggan: My wife and I are selling and investing in real estate. We've been doing that for four or five years now and it's been going really well for us. I do a lot of charity work too. I have my own golf tournament called the Hacksaw Jim Duggan Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament. I'm on the board of director's for the Children's Home Society. I also just wrecked a school bus. The Volusia County Sheriff have a big charity bus race every year, and I was doing the promo day for it, and I guess I was going to fast around one of the corners and flipped the bus. It was quite a ride.

WWE.com: Do you think you could still handle a full-time wrestling schedule?
Hacksaw Jim Duggan: Of course. Anytime you have an opportunity to be a part of something like WWE, you do anything you can to get back there. It's like a lot of things in life, especially when you're younger. You don't appreciate what you have when it's there. And now, looking back on it, it'd be great just to get one more shot. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm starting to get fired up! Where's that Conway boy now?!

WWE.com: Do you have any final words for your fans and the voters out there?
Hacksaw Jim Duggan: I just want to say thanks for the support over my 25, almost 26 years of wrestling. I know Snuka is great and Kamala is good, but give me that chance, and I'll tear that boy limb from limb, tough guy!

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