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Things are continuing to look up for Charlie Haas. First, the former WWE Tag Team Champion returned last month to defeat Shelton Benjamin. And now, Haas and his wife Jackie are expecting their first baby.

"We're completely overjoyed by the news. In fact, there's a good possibility that we'll have a ‘Christmas baby,'" admitted Haas in a phone interview with WWE.com.

Ironically, Haas got the news that he was going to be a father on the same day he received some more big news.

Haas was at the gym training for what he hoped would be a return to WWE when his cell phone rang. It was WWE. "They called to tell me that I was going to be returning to RAW. I left immediately to run home and tell Jackie," said Haas. "When I got home and told her that I got the call to return to RAW, she said ‘That's great, because I have some news for you -- I'm expecting.'"

Charlie told WWE.com that he considers himself truly blessed to have so much good fortune. And as he anticipates the arrival of a new baby, he continues to be thankful for his return to WWE.

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