Best Christmas gifts ever

Best Christmas gifts ever

This Holiday season, the Superstars and Extremists of Raw, SmackDown and ECW take time to reflect on the best gifts they have received and given during the holidays.

Best gift given: I've given iPods and DVD players and all that kind of stuff. For the last two years though, I have been giving to St. Jude's, donating what I can to help.
Best gift received: Last year I was surprised by a guy, and we shouldn't have gotten each other gifts, but he got me a pink stocking cap that said Chicago. It was the funniest Christmas experience with gifts. Being with family is really the best gift I could get though, they have always been so supportive.

Best gift given:
I don't normally give gifts to people, but I did buy my mother a house. And last year, I gave Santa the best gift ever: I speared him when he came down the chimney. I also get drunken requests from family members to give spears to them, but I won't do that.
Best gift received: I always tell people I don't need anything, but I do remember as a kid wanting the Kiss action figures, and I did actually peek and found out I was getting them. I destroyed them in four months from playing with them.

Best gift given:
Actually, I bought Chavo Guerrero a gift this year. Nothing too expensive. I bought him a low rider car that plays the song Low Rider. They have great toys these days; the 80's is coming back. This year though, the Widow's Peak is my gift to other Divas.
Best gift received: Well it is tough to narrow it down with Christmas gifts, but the best gift I have ever received is when I was 16. It's every girls dream to have a convertible growing up in California. Not me, I wanted a Jeep Wrangler. And my dad surprised me with the Wrangler.

Best gift given:
Three years ago, I had a Street Fight Match and I gave my opponent a broken hand and a black eye, that's the best gift i have given.

Best gift given:
Best gift received: As shallow as this may be, money.

Best gift given: We do gag gifts in my family, and i can't really tell you the answer.
Best gift received: My golden retriever; not only my best friend, but saved my life.

Best gift given:
Giving my all to my family and making them happy and being able to entertain all the WWE fans.
Best gift received: Being alive. Waking up Christmas morning and being alive.

Best gift received: When my parents were together I never realized how great it was to have everyone in one place. Now I do and I miss that, having my whole family together.

Best gift given:
The gift I am giving to my girlfriend this year.
Best gift received: I was in fourth grade, and my cousin and I had two identical clothing boxes given to us. The worst gifts to get are clothes at that age. We had to open the boxes at the same time, and it was a trip to Disney World for a week for both of us.

Best gift given:
Just giving gifts to people we don't know. Several different have been given in the past to strangers, and will be given again this year.

Best gift given: Giving someone my honesty.

Best gift given:
My ability to be thoughtful, too many gifts are materialistic. The fact you think about someone is one of the best gifts you can give every year.
Best gift received: I already know what I'm getting this year, my parents are setting me up with health insurance and that's pretty bad ass in my book.

Best gift given:
Last year I got my girl a new necklace, and she seemed to love it.
Best gift received: The happiest I have ever been on Christmas morning was when my grandfather got my brother sister and I the original Nintendo system, but most importantly Zelda. I was also told not to buy anything for this year, because all I asked for was the Wii.

Best gift given:
I love to give gifts. I have been giving for the past few years to children, bringing smiles to people who have bad luck, or those who are sick in hospitals.

Best gift received:

Best gift received:
I once got a mountain bike instead of a dirt bike, and initially I was upset but then I had the coolest bike in the neighborhood because the mountain bike could go places the dirt bike could not.

Best gift received:
One Christmas after high school, money was tight, and my mother wrapped all my old football toys and video games.

Best gift given:
I bought my little girl a pony. And I bought my father a Rolex; he has never had a watch and always wanted one.

Best gift given:
The one I gave myself this year, PlayStation 3.

Best gift received:
Gymnastics Barbie doll when I was 8. It is all I wanted then.

Best gift given:
The best gift I have given is my lessons. I'm Matt Striker and I am…your teacher.

Best gift received:
I just got a poster from December to Dismember with my arm coming out of the chimney. It's like 4 feet tall.

Best gift received:
My dog Chandler, he was the greatest gift I ever got.

Best gift received:
Growing up, the best gift I received was a new bumper pool table.

Best gift received:
The best gift was my mom working two jobs overtime. My father, God rest his soul, was a little tight on money. We had a 12-inch Christmas tree. But we had presents under the tree. The nursing home my mom worked at was called Eagle Crest. So we got Eagle Crest socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, and then two jumpsuits from the local store. So blessed to have my family. I'm getting emotional now.

Best gift given:
I bought my dad a watch and he wore it all the time before he passed away.
Best gift received: I am not very needy so I am not sure. Though I bought myself a bunch of boots this year.

Best gift given:
Poster of myself.
Best gift received: There have been so many good things over the years.

Best gift given:
Never been a big gift giver. But the engagement ring to my fiancée is the best gift I have given.
Best gift received: Last Christmas, my parents packaged up all the stuff we gave to them as kids and gave it to us. It had been in the basement and it just meant a lot.

Best gift given:
The gift of receiving. People like to see how I react to what they have given me. Just the look on my face is good enough.
Best gift received: I know Melina is getting me a pendant of myself. White gold with diamonds. I am great, worthy of worship. The icon of sexiness.

Best gift given:
A little bit of the Big Valbowski always makes the ladies happy. But in all honesty, it was a gift to my parents who were heavy smokers; I bought them an air filter that cleaned the air in their house.

Best gift given:
A car.
Best gift received: Probably a video game.

Best gift received:
The best gift without a doubt is our baby Kayla Jacquelyn Haas.

Best gift received:
My first horse when I was 11 years old from my grandmother, Rhapsody. She's my baby.

Best gift given:
Money always seems to light up peoples lives.
Best gift received: Nobody has enough money to make me happy.

Best gift given:
A nice ring for my girlfriend. Although I think I got the better end of that deal.

Best gift given:
JTG: My presence.
Shad: When I was seven, we didn't have a lot, so I made a Christmas tree out of paper and made cards and gifts by hand and when everyone woke up there was stuff there for everyone.
Best gift received: Shad: The love of my family. Only gift that matters.
JTG: In 1995, my mother got me WWE Raw for Sega. We weren't the wealthiest and I was shocked because we didn't have the money and she got it.

Best gift given:
The Samoan Bulldozer is going to give all those dummies the only gift that matters: Pain.
Best gift received: Gift? You think people give me gifts? You think I get handouts like the American people, you think I walk around with my hands out hoping for a gift, for someone to give me something? Amigo, I earn everything I get with pure work. I don't give things out and I don't get things in return.

Best gift given:
A ring to my girl. The show of affection and wanting to spend my life with someone.
Best gift received: This job, a deep spiritual thankfulness to have this job.

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