Mick Foley rises early for the CW11 Morning News

Mick Foley rises early for the CW11 Morning News

Mick Foley paid a visit to New York's CW11 Morning News today, promoting his new book, The Hardcore Diaries, and the WrestleMania 23 Fan Axxess Tour, which hits New York City today.

Foley, whose third memoir debuted at No. 7 on the New York Times Nonfiction Best Sellers list this week, engaged in a lively, early morning conversation with fellow Long Island, N.Y., native and CW11 entertainment reporter, Jill Nicolini, who is a big Foley fan.

"Can I give your fans a little behind-the-scenes CW information here?" he asked Nicolini. "The toughest thing for me as a guest is always wondering how to meet the hostess. I don't know whether to go to the clumsy handshake, and then I looked over right before I went on and you were pantomiming the hug and I was like, oh what a relief, what a relief!"

Foley went on to talk about The Hardcore Diaries, explaining that Vince McMahon played a key role in getting the best seller on store shelves.

"Vince told me the only prerequisite was, ‘Mick, I want you to be brutally honest,' " Foley said in his gruffest McMahon impression. "I said, ‘Well, Vince, I want to be kind of positive in this thing.' He said, ‘Well, you can be positive, but I want to you to hammer people.' "

Foley said throughout the weeks of writing The Hardcore Diaries, McMahon asked Foley how his book was turning out.

"I said, ‘Well, I definitely hammer somebody, Vince.' He said, ‘That's good.' I said, ‘Well, I hammer you.' And he said, ‘Oh, hahahaha.' " Foley said in his McMahon voice. "So the only person I was worried about really offending was Vince McMahon, who has apparently taken it all in stride!"

Nicolini asked Foley about his four children, as a photo of Mick with his two youngest kids, "little" Mick and Huey, appeared onscreen.

"Something has happened with these kids. They have the action figures, they play the video games and they are aware that I used to be a wrestler. But they are also under the impression that Daddy was a stinky wrestler," Foley laughed.

"I thought I'd clear it up by putting on the DVD where I beat The Rock for my first WWE Championship, thinking I'm being a superhero here. My children started cheering for The Rock. So it's kind of a shame when you can't be a hero to your own kids, but…" Foley said, accidentally knocking his microphone off his shirt, grinning from ear to ear.

Nicolini quickly stepped into action, saying, "Hold on, we can handle this. Don't worry. This stuff happens!"

"The perils of live television. …" Foley laughed, holding the microphone up with his hand.

"If [my children] wanted to do it, I would never tell them they couldn't do something. I would discourage them because of how rough a business it is," Foley explained. "I'd say, ‘Listen, you could try to do anything you want, but you really need to go to school first and get an education.' "

Nicolini reminded WWE fans to check out WrestleMania Fan Axxess, which hits Manhattan's South Street Seaport today from noon to 8 p.m. Foley and Raw Superstar Carlito will be on hand to sign autographs. The event is at Fulton and South Streets, Pier 17. Check out the Fan Axxess site for more information.

Before going to commercial break, Nicolini whipped out a surprise for Foley -- her own version of Mr. Socko -- a pair of Mrs. Socko kitten socks/hand puppets, which she asked Foley to autograph.

"They're a little old. There are a few holes in them, but this is my Mr. Socko. I'm so proud, I'd like to have you autograph one and you can keep the other one as a souvenir." she smiled.

"I can tell whether it's a clean one or one fresh out of the oven," Foley laughed, grabbing the sock. "It's cute, it's cute."

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