First ladies

First ladies

The woman who might be considered the first lady of WWE, Linda McMahon, was in Washington, D.C. last Tuesday evening to present a special World Heavyweight Championship to United States first lady, Laura Bush. Later in the evening, Mrs. Bush was honored with a lifetime achievement award from the USO of Metropolitan Washington.

At a private reception before the start of the annual gala, Mrs. McMahon presented the first lady with the championship which was inscribed, "USO Champ: Laura Bush". Mrs. Bush has been a long-time supporter of the USO's efforts and spends countless hours visiting wounded soldiers in military hospitals and stuffing care packages for those serving in the armed forces.

As a proud sponsor of the Care Packages program and all of the USO's efforts, WWE presents championships to those select few who have gone above and beyond to support the valuable efforts of the USO.    

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