Finlay fuming at No. 5

For the past month, Finlay has found himself residing in the Top 10 of the Power 25, placing himself amidst some of the biggest Superstars in WWE today. He currently sits at the No. 5 spot, poised to climb even higher following his victory over fellow Royal Court member William Regal at The Great American Bash. But don't try to call it the "Luck of the Irish."

As The Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences found out firsthand, any and all doubters of the Fighting Irishman will be met with a familiar gap-toothed scowl, or, worse yet, the butt end of a shillelagh.

"Obviously the people who vote on the list have no idea what they're doing," said Finlay. "It's pretty clear that I should be No. 1 on the list."

Many will argue that Finlay's success can be largely attributed to a certain lucky charm -- Finlay's lurking leprechaun Little Bastard -- and therefore his Top 5 ranking is inflated. The U.S. Champ sees things a bit differently, and made his opinion clear to the Academy.

"This is SmackDown. This isn't Alice in Wonderland," said an ornery Finlay. "There are no trolls living under the ring. The sooner you guys realize that I win because I'm the toughest man in WWE today, the better off your lame reporting will be."

Finlay will continue to be tested, as he has no doubt incited the ire of his long-time friend, Regal. In fact, the two will have a return match Friday night on SmackDown.

None of this seems to faze Finlay, who stormed away reminding everyone of one thing: "My name is Finlay, and I love to fight."

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