Fiery Flight

Fiery Flight

One night after figuratively setting Milan's Datch Forum ablaze with excitement at a live edition of Monday Night Raw, the Superstars and Divas of Raw were subject to the alarm of an engine fire aboard their charter plane.

Instead of soaring through the clouds en route to Rome from Milan for another live event, the frightening mechanical issue forced a mass inconvenience and a frantic scramble to find new flights in order to make it to the show in Rome on time. 

Amid all the hassles this episode caused, WWE Producer Tim White's first-hand account of the hair-raising experience was from a grateful perspective, rather than an angry one.

"Everyone is okay," he said in a phone interview from the runway after boarding a new flight. "Thankfully, the engine blew on the ground and not over the Atlantic."

Allegedly the plane was taxing on the runway and the engine was revved too high, causing the engine fumes to heat up to more than 900 degrees — roughly two-and-a-half times the normal temperature the engine should operate at. At that point, a rod may have snapped, causing the engine to blow.

"I was sitting near the front [of the plane] and didn't hear anything," said White. "But the mechanic said those sitting near the engine would have heard a pop." 

The nerve-racking experience turned out to be a huge scare, but in the end only cost time instead of injuries. Even with everything that occurred, the WWE Superstars were all able to find new flights, as to not disappoint their international fans.

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