WWE fans speak out

Since the firing of Jim Ross on Monday, WWE has received more than 1,000 e-mails and phone calls from fans. The following is a small sampling:

Name: Joe F.
Comments: Bring back JR. The way he was treated was awful. To treat the best wrestling announcer ever in such a manner after so many years of dedicated service is beyond reasonable to me. I have been following the organization since the the 60's and this is one of the worst things I have seen yet. Until JR is back you have lost one Raw viewer who felt in the past it was must watch TV.
Name: Michael H.
Comments: I'd just like to say that I sincerely hope that what happened on Raw with Jim Ross was not the last appearance he'll make on WWE TV.  Aside from how terrible it would be to not honor JR the way he deserves if he was really leaving, I cannot even begin to imagine turning into Raw and not hearing JR do the commentary.  I'm sure millions of WWE fans feel the same way, and we all hope that he'll be back in his chair on Raw as soon as possible.
Name: Ben R.
Comments: Just wanted to say that if that's JR's last appearance on RAW then it really is a sad day.  He has given a lot to the company and for his last "day" to be like that it's just wrong. 
Name: Mike 
Comments: The release of Jim Ross, perhaps the greatest commentator and personality in the history of the company, is an abomination and a classless act. It upsets me that they can release a man who has been so dedicated to the business and who puts more emotion than anyone ever could into calling a match. Raw is not Raw without Jim Ross. Wrestlemania is not Wrestlemania without Jim Ross. The WWE is not the WWE without Jim Ross. And I will not be viewing your programs without Jim Ross.
Name: Jennifer M.
Comments: After watch Raw this Monday night I have come to realize that there is no true heart in your company and seeing how you fired J.R. I have to say you will no long have me and my entire family as viewers. I will no longer buy per-views, or watch your show. I'm sad to say good-bye, but what you did is just wrong.

Name: Steve H.
Comments: I've recently heard that Jim Ross may be replaced on the announcing team for RAW. If this happens it will be one of the absolute most worst decisions WWE could ever make. I happen to feel that Ross is the most entertaining announcer in the company, and he is certainly the most talented. Nobody could ever take his place, and moving him off the show would dramatically lower the quality of RAW, and give me one less reason to watch every week.

Name: Dustin
Comments: I have loyally been a fan of the WWE since I was 6 years old.  When Hall and Nash jumped to WCW and put on pay-per views featuring the nWo, the 4 Horsemen, and let cruiserweight actually compete, I still made my dad order the WWE pay per views.  But now that you have removed Jim Ross from RAW, I am vowing to no longer watch WWE programming.

Name: Steven G.
Comments: The WWE has made the biggest mistake ever. Vince Mcmahon is indeed a genius so he should be able to see the genius of Jim Ross. He is the voice of RAW and the best commentator wrestling has ever seen. RAW will truly not be the same for me. I am disappointed and don’t know if I can watch raw without Jim Ross. I can’t understand why anyone could give up such talent. I hope for my sake and all other fans sake that this will not last.

Name: Jennifer G.
Comments: I have watched your programming for over 10 years - Raw, Heat, SmackDown, etc and most of the PPVs. I can't tell you how disappointed I am with Jim Ross being terminated. Surprisingly enough, it probably will affect my future decisions to watch Monday Night Raw. I know that you have brought back other entertainers in the past - I hope you consider the same for Jim Ross.

Name: James C.
Comments: I really hope this is NOT the last of Jim Ross we will ever see. This man is without a doubt, the BEST broadcaster in the history of the business. His insight, knowledge of the business, and overall professional nature has made watching RAW these past 6 years a pleasure. I looked forward to his comments during the matches, he always pointed out things I missed, and I truly trusted the words coming out of his mouth. If the WWE wants to promote a younger announcer with limited experience of the business, so be it, but Jim Ross deserves that spot.

Name: Thomas T.
Comments: I do realize that if you must get rid of J.R., you must. It's a fact of life that he couldn't be the Play-by-play announcer forever.  But getting rid of him like that was just distasteful and makes his departure seem like an angle instead of something legitimate.  I hope whoever you get to replace "Good Old J.R." is good, because my enjoyment will depend on it.

Name: Rob H.
Comments: I am usually very tolerant of your storylines and I realize there are usually up and downs with my favorite personalities. However, I felt compelled to write after watching this week's RAW featuring the firing of Jim Ross. Truth be told, J.R. is as much a reason for me watching RAW as any of the other Superstars. I really hope this is simply part of a larger storyline and that J.R. will return to the broadcast table soon. I have faithfully watched you for just about 20 years, I do not know if I want to watch RAW without J.R. So, again I hope it will not come to that, but I honestly can't consider it RAW without J.R. and I don't know if I would even want to tune in. So, here's hoping Mr. Ross returns to his job soon. I will continue to tune in until I know what the outcome is, but I hope it will not be left like this.

Name: Laurie S.
Comments: I have never e-mailed you before. I watch RAW every Monday and if I am unable to watch it, I tape it. I order every RAW pay-per-view. I have been a long time fan of the WWE. But with the firing of Jim Ross last Monday, I don't know if I will ever watch it again. Jim Ross was an excellent commentator and loved the sport. You could tell that in his voice. There was no reason to fire him or take him off the show and it upset me greatly.


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