WWE fans shatter records

The WWE fans’ strong presence is being felt across the United States and all over the world, and WWE.com has the numbers to prove it.

WWE fans cast 14.6 million record-breaking votes for Cyber Sunday. On last week’s RAW, nearly 700,000 online and text message votes came in deciding WWE Champion John Cena’s opponent, Jonathan Coachman. Cena’s WWE Films blockbuster, “The Marine,” has raked in close to $17 million in just a few weeks. Finally, SmackDown is shattering records on the new CW, making Friday the network’s most-watched night for the week of Oct. 30.

During October, WWE programming reached a total of more than 35.7 million television viewers and WWE fans in 22.2 million households. This represents a whopping one-fifth of all television households in the United States.

Last week’s SmackDown reeled in more than 4.8 million total viewers, making Friday the CW’s most popular night. Thanks to SmackDown, the CW is the No. 1 network among men ages 6 to 34. The show’s ratings continue to grow week after week in all key demographics, thanks to the faithful WWE fans.

SmackDown was also in the top 10 English-language primetime programs among Hispanic households last week. At No. 6, SmackDown beat shows such as “The Simpsons,” “Lost,” “Heroes” and “Ugly Betty.”


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