2005 RAW Diva Search's Elisabeth signs WWE contract

Elisabeth's path to a WWE contract is a remarkable one. She wasn't selected as a finalist for the 2005 Diva Search, but her hopes were kept alive as an official alternate. When one hopeful was removed from the competition, Elisabeth was added at the last second. Flash forward to the final hours of the 2005 Diva Search. Elisabeth is one of only three Divas remaining, but she hears Jonathan Coachman announce her elimination. She wept backstage, then tried to get on with her life … until a call from WWE's front office came.

Having agreed to a WWE contract, Elisabeth plans to fly to Lousiville, Kent., where she'll begin training in Ohio Valley Wrestling. WWE.com caught up with Elisabeth via phone to find out what she thinks about these big developments:

WWE.com: How do you feel about being signed after starting this journey as a Diva Search alternate?

Elisabeth: It's amazing. When I didn't make the Top 8, I was really depressed about it because I really felt that I did have what it takes to be a part of WWE. I think I have the right attitude, and I have the athleticism. When they finally called me for the Top 8, I was extremely excited and was hoping that the fans would keep me on long enough to really show them that I belong there, and I did. 

WWE.com: Did you ever think this would happen when you weren't chosen as an original finalist?

Elisabeth: I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I felt that even if they did miss me in the Top 8, they might possibly want to still give me a chance from seeing me through my interviews. And they did express an interest in me after the competition, so I was just hoping either way that I would just be able to be a part (of WWE) in any way.

WWE.com: Why did you want this so badly?

Elisabeth: I wanted to train to be a wrestler. I've always wanted to do that. It was just a bonus being on the show in the beginning. So, when I got the contract, it was what I wanted to do and it was the reason why I wanted to do (the Diva Search). I was really, really happy.

WWE.com: So, why do you want to be a wrestler?

Elisabeth: I feel that it combines beauty and strength; WWE promotes the women as sexy and strong at the same time. And I'm kind of a tomboy as it is; I really like doing things that require strength, agility, flexibility, and like I said, still pulling off that feminine side and being sexy. I think that's the sexiest thing about a woman.

WWE.com: Have you had to give anything up to accept the WWE contract?

Elisabeth: I was quarterback for the L.A. Temptations in the Lingerie Bowl, and we ended up winning last year. I was set up to do it again this year, but I didn't because of WWE — I really wanted to take this opportunity. It was amazing to be able to play football. I know it sounds crazy — football in lingerie — but like I said, it's just one of those things that shows women who are models can be strong and athletic at the same time. I think it's really positive to show women that way.

WWE.com: What have they told you about what they expect from you in OVW?

Elisabeth: They expect me to be extremely focused on the task at hand, and they believe in me a lot. Obviously, giving me a contract says that they think that I can give WWE something. And, pretty much training every day. Whatever I do, I want it to be the best. So, it just requires a lot of hard work, and I want to learn a lot more about WWE as a company and give whatever I can to them.

WWE.com: So what will a typical day for you be like, do you think?

Elisabeth: Well, I'm going to fly over there next week and see exactly what they do on a daily basis. I believe that we're training somewhere between six-to-eight hours a day — a lot of cardio — a lot of learning. I believe that I'll be able to pick them up really quickly. I showed the fans in WWE that I'm very athletic, so I think I'll be able to pick it up really quick.

WWE.com: Have you been watching since your elimination from the Diva Search?

Elisabeth: Luckily, I lasted to the very end, and I have been following it since. I think me, Leyla and Ashley really deserved to be the top three, and when I did get voted off, I was really bummed out. A lot of the wrestlers saw me crying like crazy afterward (WATCH). I really felt that I had a lot to offer. I just got so accustomed to being around every week with the same people and it was truly like a family, so I do continue to watch. And I definitely watch Ashley because she did win and I think that she's doing an amazing job.

WWE.com: How do you think things are going for Ashley on RAW?

Elisabeth: Oh, Ashley really deserves it. From the very beginning, she expressed her love (for WWE). A lot of girls might have been just doing it for the airtime to further their career in acting and modeling. But Ashley was really doing it because she loved it, and you can just tell watching her right now on RAW. She definitely has what it takes, so I think she's going to go really far and be a definite superstar.

WWE.com: What did you think about 2004 RAW Diva Search winner Christy?

Elisabeth: Christy was absolutely amazing. She really got in there personally with us and let us know that it's going to be a lot more difficult — that we're not just going out there and people aren't just going to (automatically) love us — that we're going to have to prove ourselves. And she gave me a lot of advice on how to separate myself and in the beginning, it was difficult to distinguish our personalities. She knew that I was athletic, and she wanted me to push more of a sporty girl, and that's what I did. And it was the best advice because I just stayed true to myself, and she thought that was extremely important to do.

WWE.com: Who would you like to work with most on the WWE roster?

Elisabeth: I'd like to work with Ashley in some capacity, and once (recently signed) Kristal gets back on the show, we had a little bit of a rivalry (during the 2005 RAW Diva Search) when it came to athletics; I felt that I was better than her, and she felt that she was better than me. So, I'd like to have a couple matches with Kristal for sure.

WWE.com: How did you find out about the offer to sign? Did you receive a phone call?

Elisabeth: I got a phone call from (Vice President of Talent Relations) John Laurinaitis. When they called to tell me that they expressed interest in me and that they wanted to offer me a contract, it was a surreal moment. You're on the show each week, and you get wrapped up in everything and it becomes a part of your life, and then when it ends, it's a huge adjustment. So, I kind of went back to my normal life and was really missing it. So, when he told me that I could go and train, I was really excited. He told me that the opportunity was huge, and that not a lot of people get offered this. And it just made it a crazy feeling to know that I'm going to be back there again. And I was just happy to know that they knew that I had what it takes — and that once they develop me into a good wrestler, (I can do more than just) challenges. I can actually become somebody on the show, and I'm really amazed that I'm getting this opportunity.

WWE.com: Anything you'd like to say directly to your WWE fans through this interview?

Elisabeth: My fans have been absolutely amazing. They're obviously the ones who helped me get to the final show. They write to me online; they've all supported me so much. Just some of the things that they've been writing about, how I'm changing what they're doing in their lives. I can't believe that's actually happening, and I want to thank them for putting me where I'm at. It's mostly due to them, for sure.

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